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StephAndMom (14and53) wrote,
@ 2005-02-12 00:36:00
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    When Brian was "on" he had an amazing sense of humour, and when Brian would come into the room with the four Beatles it was Brian who was the star. He would light up the room.

    He was very good-looking, very well dressed and had this infectious smile. He was filled with witticisms and he could be very funny, and when he started to get funny he became outrageously funny. He was such an iconoclast and nothing was sacred to him.

    Then again, when it went the other way, it really went the other way. He was a full roller-coaster ride on any visit.
    (Quote from Nat Weiss, The Brian Epstein Story by Debbie Geller, page 111)


    eppylover note: I like to use Nat's quote because I get sick and tired of the constant "sad pitiful pervert" image perpetuated everywhere, hammered into our heads by all the media. Brian Epstein was just as happy a dude as anyone else, a lot of the time. He had his bad times, too; probably worse than a lot of other people, but unfortunately it came with the territory of being a misunderstood genius.

    It's just that I'm sure he would never have wanted to be remembered the way he's now remembered.

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