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♥ d-gav (0nly_0ne) wrote,
@ 2004-07-11 20:19:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:weezer»the good life

    tired.,--h r m B L A H
    -im thinking about changing the layout to this journal thing--?? ok now the entry,....
    heyy! well i just woke up cause i had lack of sleep last night and i had work early this morning. so i came home and slept. was hecktic.(spell?) anyways -yea cause i work at a retirement home in the food services. its like a restaurant. ok well the food services people are coming to inspect so they had everyone cleaning everything possible. even this huge fan in the it was crazy. i was cleaning this huge freezer then i helped deidra set her tables and all cause she wasnt happy. =). dunno it was kinda fun cleaning cause all of the people i almost fell like 5 times..hehe. well i did my dishes already so im good for the night on chores..whoo. tomorrow i have work again 4-7. i went to my grandma's house yesterday and did some cleaning and i got $50. she gave me extra for my trip. and my cousin was there so she gave me $10. so i need to go to walmart or target and get some "products" for my trip and house and all. so im gonna go get some nair cause im sick of shaving lol. and it will last longer while im on my trip. i also need some tanning lotion. and sunlock. shaving cream if i decide not to buy nair.(haha) a grey onesie. --hehe im making baby alfits--.umm more deodorant. new face washes. thats all for now that i can think of. -yea what..kill me i made a personal list for myself.!?shut it.. like i dont need to buy toothpaste or shampoo cause my sis has that at her house when i get there. also laura left today on her vacation! i hope she has a great time. shes going with people from school i think.but lol when i get to going to send her one of them fat lady postcards, i think there funny.hehe. ok thats a good update for now i think. i may write more later or tomorrow. bye bye!

    <3 d a n a

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