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Laurie (00laurie) wrote,
@ 2003-05-30 10:16:00
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    Current mood: jubilant
    Current music:Rooney- Blueside

    Rooney Concert Review
    This was a conversation with my friend "she" would be her...:-)

    Yes. I took pictures. It was GREAT! I had a blast!

    Ok..Lets see if I can break it down..

    This may be long.

    Ok, My Friend and I got there(The Odean) about 6pm. We stood inline for about half an hour, and then they let people who had VIP passes in. It was madness, they had all the fans stuck in this little room for the meet and greet..and I was stuck between two 14 year old girls..It was kinda wierd..because..I mean, Rooney swears in some of the songs...and just didn't look right for them to be After waiting for like 15 minutes, I got my shirt and CD signed...and I got to talk to Rob.

    Holy Crap...You think hes hot in pictures? You should see him...15 inches away from your face! Hes...Uh..amazing..We talked about His music..and I told him I was upset that He wasn't going to be in the next PD. He said that He really wanted to but He just couldn't take the role, because He wanted to stay in the music industry...So, after that..I actually did tell him that you and Skye and Lis said Hi..and He said "Tell them I said Hi back"....and.



    I TOUCHED HIS HAIR! I asked "Hey, my friend wanted me to touch your hair", right before He left and He was like "Sure"..and He bent down...It smelled like Herbal Essence..and I sound like a teenybopper...

    and the concert was great too...I was kind of in awe during the whole thing..

    I got tons of pictures (Including ones of Me touching his hair)...


    It was great..

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2003-06-02 19:17 (link)
y..y....yyyyoooooou mean.........YOU TOUCHED ROBERT SCHWARTZMAN'S HAIR?!!? holy mother, i think im overcome with jealousy! :) haha. jk! but im happy for ya! that sounds sooo awesome! :)

-rachael =)

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