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Laurie (00laurie) wrote,
@ 2003-05-29 11:29:00
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    Current mood: melancholy
    Current music:Clay Aiken - This is the night

    My name is Laurie..and I listen to pop music...
    OK..Not really..But I have been downloading a bunch of Clay songs. SO, I like him..Sue me..

    I mean. I don't think Hes that attractive, but If someone can sing like that, They have serious talent.


    And I don't feel too bad, because "Hardcore" Ryan downloads Ruben songs...


    Yea...Hes probably gonna kill me for saying that.

    Anyway. I haven't typed in awhile, since..I really haven't had the time. I have a new job at Walmart..which is ok..It keeps me busy though. My boss is a freakin' slave driver...and We have to wear these really odd blue vests. I'm going to put some band buttons on them..just to see what

    Lets see. Today I'm supposed to go to a youth meeting. I'm kinda sad, because our Youth Pastor is leaving, so we are going to have a surprise party for her (Ssh..remember, its a secret) and I'm going to see concert..Tonight!!...*swoons*..I hope they play "Popstars" all time favorite Rooney song...

    Dave Douglas (drummer for Relient K) officially got married. Even though..its a little late..Horray for DAVE! I wish you the best!

    Oh..and Everyone please pray for Chris, the lead guitarist from Sanctus Real. I guess He threw his back out..and is in the hospital...

    Thats my Rant..

    Keepin' it real..


    P.S. I just got a new playlist (Since my old one was deleted)..and I'm scrambling like mad to find new songs...any suggestions?

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2003-05-29 11:35 (link)
::laughs:: I listen to Clay Aiken too. A lot. And I wouldn't consider myself a pop kid. Just thought you'd like to know that you're not alone.

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2003-05-29 11:57 (link)
Its good I'm not alone...I guess I'm just diverse in my music never know what I'm going to be listening to next!

I added you as a that cool?


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2003-06-02 00:20 (link)
my reputation is now ruined!! All the harcore kids will now think i'm a softie!!

lol :)

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Re: Great!!!
2003-06-02 07:59 (link)
*pokes Ryan* We all know you're a softie...underneath all that...uh...Hardcoreness...:-)


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