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Jasmine (0096) wrote,
@ 2003-04-21 20:27:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:I ran away

    La la la.
    Well, I just came back from Lake Tahoe. It started to snow the morning we were leaving. - shrug. - was sort of expecting that anyways. psh. i'm tired of going into chats and being booted out because people think I'm a snobby elite that'll kick the IC out of their RP. But I don't--and when they don't boot me out, they're scared or something. I don't know why the RPs are like that nowadays. Just because someone has a screenname like "Legend Saber" doesn't necessarily mean that they're better than you. In fact, I came across some dude with an "elite" screenname, and he was as annoying as could be. Actually, a couple of people with screennames like "Kitty28947239847" were more mature than him. What I also don't get is how fucking lame people can be when they think that the whole wold is a dark place to be.. newsflash. it's not. There's always someone to be there for you. I ran across a lot of depressed personas saying shit about their parents and their friends like "blah blah blah my friend stole my boyfriend blah blah blah".. we all have our drama stories. Every one of them is practically the same thing. Sure, I have a problem with lots of things, but not with EVERYTHING. Like the pringles can is full of evil because it is different from every other chip. Like everyone hates you because you date 293847293874 guys all at veered off subject. Back to the screennames. I know that anyone can make an "elite" screenname and "Type with proper grammar." to receive an online reputation that they're some "elite who rules the world". C'mon people. Just give others a chance.

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2003-04-23 03:33 (link)
`/0|_| 4|23 s0 |_337

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2003-04-23 16:01 (link)
Aww ty Lana, `/0l_l 4l23 20 l<1l\lcl 4l\lcl 1 Ll_ll=l= J00!

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