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Kris (solarpower) wrote,
@ 2011-07-12 21:18:00
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    What To Look For In Solar Energy Technicians
    If you want to save money while "going green", then solar energy might just be the best option for you. In addition to allowing people to reduce their monthly electricity bills, the rebate program in Australia can help to make solar power system installation affordable and financially beneficial. Yet knowing where to start in order to buy a solar energy system can be challenging. Hiring a professional installer can help in this process, but there are a number of aspects you should take into consideration before choosing one in particular.

    A large factor is obviously cost. This might seem like an incredibly important factor to many, but it might not be such a high priority as you may believe. It is actually more helpful for you to invest in a higher priced solar system (so long as it has quality to back up the cost). This is true because you "get what you pay for", and solar energy systems tend to last for many years - more than twenty, for the most part. You will be making a good investment and likely earn your money back later on.

    A second aspect to look at when finding a solar energy installer is their warranty. As mentioned before, solar systems should reliably work for at least twenty years, and a solar power installer should have a warranty to back this up. The solar panels in a photovoltaic system degrade at 0.5% to 1% a year, but this should still leave you a lot of time to benefit from your renewable energy source. Having a warranty that is actually backed by a company in Australia is also pivotal - in certain instances another country may back the warranty, which means you could end up paying very high postage fees to send them any damaged equipment should something run amiss.

    Craftsmanship can be another important but often neglected aspect. Well-crafted solar systems can be very eye-catching. Your contractor should be able to inform you what kind of mounting system they normally use, and also if they allow for air to flow below the panels or not. Unprotected cables need to be taken note of; they are significantly less able to withstand the heat of the sun than the panels are, therefore all external wires have to be in a UV shielded conduit. You can even look for recommendations from other clients and check to see if an installer will show you some of their previous work. A top quality solar panel technology system needs to be hassle-free but reliable.

    The final thing you must pay attention to is merely how well you get along with your contractor. Will they be prepared to answer your queries and are they readily available to help? Confirm they're licensed by the "Clean Energy Council", as this is extremely important. All installers require this certification in order for the government to pay out its refunds to you. Should you pay attention to the details, you're undoubtedly halfway to buying a fantastic sustainable energy system, but make sure your installer is willing to meet you in the middle and support you along the journey.

    If you reside in Australia and you're considering trying solar energy, visit this website to get three no-cost estimates on how anyone may get started with a solar system for your home's electricity requirements.

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2013-09-12 08:10 (link)
Solar power cost cooler planet check out our solar power cost solar thermal panels typically last 10 20 years and come with a 10-year warranty how long it takes to break even on the cost of your.

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