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Impavidus (impavidus) wrote in emosucks,
@ 2006-09-15 16:52:00
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    The Emo Truths
    Anybody wanting to learn about what emo is and why they should become emo should read the following.

    After being approached by an ex-emo that became disallusioned with emo after being brutally raped and emotionally blackmailed for two months, I recorded many shocking facts that remain part of the emo underground, and increasingly, mainstream emo.

    He told me that new emos should be prepared to fend of sexual advances by members of their own sex.
    Rigorous questioning showed that old, single and sexually deprived homosexual men are highly attracted to emo males because of their feminine sense of fashion (Eyeliner etc), and also because the stovepipe jeans enhance the bulge of genitals, which is lascivious to many homosexual men. A large percentage of emo males are also homosexual; homosexuality is inherent to emo mainly because they cannot get girlfriends so they feel they must resort to homosexuality.

    So if you want to be emo, be prepared to turn homosexual; I was told that emo clans mob newcomers to the genre, preying on their innocence, and have group orgies with the newbie, whether the homosexual feelings are mutual or not. These group homosexual orgies are often referred to as "Initiation Rituals."

    Emo newbie (emobie) group rapes often occur after emo concerts, when emotions are stretched to breaking point, as rubbing against members of their own sex in the mosh pits causes intense sexual arousment.

    Unfortunatly, these group rapes can often last for hours on end, mainly because each emo has a chance to vent his own particular emotions and sexual fantasies on the emobie in a private enclosed space (Backstage practice rooms, recording rooms, even in alleyways.)

    After rigorous study I have found that these emo gang rapes are inherent to the culture, and I have not yet found a city, town or backwater village where at least one emo gang rape is planned or has occured. As I said, group homosexual acts are inherent to the emo genre, much the same way self mutilation is.

    Shockingly, many emos self mutilate at these orgies and mix their blood with other bodily fluids, wich are then forced into the emobies mouth. Groups of up to 50 emos force feed their young apprentice until the emobie agrees to perform sex acts upon senior emos.

    So, new emos, beware. Stay off the streets and be careful who you hang around with. Dont go to concerts, and dont delve into homosexuality.

    Even better, dont be emo.

    Au Revoir

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2010-10-07 07:03 (link)
wow. i am suprised by these ''facts'' you wrote here, but you have to understand that just like you and me, emo people have feelings too. What you see are the stereotypical emo. Yes emos cut themselves, but i could name some people who used to cut themselves who wern't emo at all. Come on! All thewnted to do watobe accepted. and thats why they want to baone.

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