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SpongeRob~ (bertho) wrote in news,
@ 2004-01-02 20:37:00
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Record PC Screen with PC Screen Recorder
2011-03-08 04:29 (link)
pc screen recorder is a screencasting software for Windows 7, XP and Vista which can record your pc screen activity, generate demonstration video and publish online. Many of these Windows 7 screen recorders can also record audio from computer speakers or a mic, and some even include editing capabilities for enhancing your screencast. By reading this overview, you can find out the magic of PC screen recorder.
What can a PC screen recorder do?
The main practical use of PC screen recorder is to record pc screen in real time and save the whole process as video. Some recorders can record webcam as you take a show in front of your computer.
PC screen recorder can generate many video formats ranging from AVI, MPEG to MP4 and FLV which are commonly used for YouTube sharing and iPhone playbacks. You can also save your 100 Meg screencast video as 1-2 Meg Flash file.
Why do you need PC screen recorder?
There will be thousands of reasons for you to have a try on screen recorder for Windows.
For software developers and art designers, you can record presentation videos to demonstrate features of your software or artwork.
For teachers and educators, you can record your lectures and lessons for online education and distance learning.
For small businessmen and companies, it’s a great choice of making product demo and training video to increase your business opportunities and building efficient team groups.
For family and entertainment, screen recording software provides stunning video for you to make funny video and record gameplay for YouTube and so on.
How do you choose PC screen recorder?
Regarding the different users’ purposes, the end users of Windows screen recorders can be divided into several groups. For each group, there are some typical screen recording software for Windows 7.
If you want to create video with audio and do some further editing . Try this PC screen recording software. For presentation and entertainment uses, getting screen recorder like Camstudio. And there is also a sort of screencast tools which can record your gameplay footage like Fraps.
All screen recorders mentioned above are compatible with Windows 7.

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recover deleted files mac
2011-03-17 03:33 (link)
For most of people, lost the files on Mac and try to make mac data recovery is commonly sometimes because we deleted the important files by mistake or files loss due to viruses attack or system errors. There are also many kinds of macintosh data recovery software when you search in the Internet. Then how can we choose one of them to recover deleted files mac? Files loss happened when we unproper shutdown application, viruese attack from the website we browser or other system errors. If you want to look for a mac data recovery software,this one mac file recovery is highly recommend. With advance technique to scan the deleted activities on your Mac recently, or choose a partition you like to search to find out the lost files. The lost files come back in just a few minutes.

Some features of retrieve deleted files mac lets you know it better.

1. Recover data ,file from recycle bin or permanently delete by shift +delete.
2. Compatible with portable device:Mp3/Mp4 player.
3. File Preview – All the recoverable files can be previewed.
4. Search Lost Drive – To search the lost drive to scan for volumes.
5. Search RAID array corrupted to recover the lost data.
6. Easy to understand File Manager and typical Save File dialog.
7. Allow system to backup all the data after recover the lost data.

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How to convert mov to swf
2011-03-18 05:02 (link)
SWF refers to animation developed with Adobe Flash. It could possibly comprise word collectively with the two vector and raster graphics, as well as could possibly consist of interactive actions composed in ActionScript. It plays in internet browsers that possess the Flash plug-in installed. in circumstance you have lots of QuickTime (MOV) videos, you can convert them into SWF for playback on flash participant or write about on websites.

To convert mov to swf, we need mov to swf converter. it could help you to definitely convert MOV to SWF properly within only 4 steps.
Step 1: include MOV files

To include files, you can just drag your movement photo away from your document folders in the direction of checklist using the operating window, or click the "Add video" icon, to pick the MOV you need to convert mov to swf.

MOV to SWF Converter
Step 2: arranged output format

Click the state-of-the-art button, which certified prospects to an "Advanced" window. using the "Profile", choose "SWF" as your output format.

Convert mov to swf

Tips: This MOV to SWF Converter also allows to edit the movement photo earlier to the conversion.

Select a movement photo using the document list, click "edit" menu, or click the "Edit video" button. then you certainly can optimize your movement photo by cropping, altering movement photo effect, etc.
Step 3: start conversion

Click "Start" to begin converting your movement photo from .mov to swf. pursuing which you can click "Find Target" to occur throughout out especially where the output documents are saved.

Tips: really this MOV to SWF Converter also can convert movement photo amid all types of other formats, even which consists of structure supported on iPad/iPod/iPhone, etc.

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2011-03-23 18:05 (link)
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2011-03-24 04:06 (link)
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2011-04-16 04:32 (link)
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do dropshipping
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Record Screen Activity with Sound
2011-04-22 22:36 (link)
DemoCreator enables users to create narration-based software presentations with ease. Here we will learn how to record screen with sound. This screen recorder provides 3 ways to record screen audio:
Record sound at capture time record screen activity and voice-over narration at the same time.
Launch DemoCreator and select the recording area and recording mode, before you start your screen recording you can also do the audio settings to record narration for your video demo.
There are 3 audio sources to choose: Microphone, Stereo Mix, and Rear Input, . Select Microphone as the audio recording device if you want to record what you say; if you want to record what you hear from the computer or speaker, you may select PC speaker as the recording source; if you want to record some audio from some other resource, connect the audio device with the Rear Input port and set the audio recording option as Rear Input.
By clicking on the Microphone icon, you can go to test the audio recording device to check out that it works or not.
For microphone: Speak to the microphone and you will see the audio sensitivity level if the recording device works.
For PC speaker: Play a piece of music on your computer and you will see the audio sensitivity level if the recording device works.
If there is no problem with the recording device, click Record button and start your recording.
Note: Most screen recorders enable users to record screen with audio. However, the sync of the audio and video is really a big problem. As the video and audio tracks are not separate from each other, cropping a video clip in the timeline also means chopping off your narration along with it. That would not be what you want. Or if your recorded video is fine, but there is something wrong with your narration, you have to restart your narration and screen recording until you got it right. So, the feature of recording the narration after screen recording can be an effective solution to record screenshot.
Record sound at preview time
If you are not satisfied or you need to make some changes with the audio you have recorded along with your screen recording, you can rerecord the audio while previewing the recorded screenshot in the built-in audio editor.
Click the Audio button and you can go to the audio editor.
Before your audio recording, you can click the Settings icon to select and test the audio device.
Select the segment of the slides you want to record narration to, and click on the Record button at the bottom of Audio Editor and you can start your audio recording. To make your narration sync with the movie, you can view the recorded movie synchronously and do the narration.
When it is over, press the Stop button.
Click the Play button to view the recorded movie with audio. Further more, you can modify the narration with editing tools(like delete and insert silence) on the audio editor.
Import audio file with audio editor
Besides the two methods mentioned above, you can import audio file to the screen recording as background music.
Back to the audio editor, there is an Import button for you to add the wanted music file from you local disk.
When the recording is over, you can find the audio file of MP3 format in the project folder.
So, just create your voice-over narration screen recording with DemoCreator!

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Screen Capture Utilities for Windows
2011-04-22 22:37 (link)
In Windows XP or lower versions of Microsoft PC system, if you want a screen shot you can easily press the print screen (short for Pr Scrn) key and pasting the screen shot into a graphics program like Paint in Accessories to add markup and save it in your local disk. With Windows Vista and Windows 7, Microsoft provides a helpful application called the Snipping Tool to make screen capture easier.
capture screen in windows 7 with Snipping Tool
Snipping Tool is also available in Windows 7. Go to Start (the Orb) , and type snipping tool in the search field then you can click snipping tool to start your screen capture in Windows 7.
You can capture different types of snips including Free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Window Snip and Full-screen Snip. What’s more, you can annotate the captured screen shot with drawing tools.
As we can see, there are built-in tools in Windows for making screen shots and capturing portions or of the screen, application windows, and even the entire desktop. If you need to do more editing job or want to organize the capture screen as videos, you can turn to some advanced third party windows screen capture software like Snagit or Wondershare DemoCreator. Snagit is a powerful screen capture program, but for making videos from screen capture, DemoCreator sounds a better option.
Wondershare DemoCreator is specially designed for capturing screen shots for windows and it is compatible with Windows 7. With some easy settings, you can get started with this windows screen recorder to capture any portion of the screen along with sound. Besides, DemoCreator provides flexible capture mode including:
Screen Shot - Capture screen activities based on clicks and keystrokes and organize the slides as video.
Full Motion - Record all changes happening on the desktop for generating a demo video.
Manual – Take wanted screen shots manually by pressing preset hot key (F7) while recording.
Take screen shot recording mode is recommended for recording demos of standard applications without many animations involved. Actions like cursor movements, keystrokes and typing will be retained in the captured slides, and this capture mode will do little impact on your PC performance. Furthermore, you can generate Auto-text to illustrate your on-screen activities. Comprehensive editing features including different callouts, effects and animations can be used to enhance the captured video.
So, pick the right tool that fixes your need to do your screen capture in windows. With this window screen recorder software, you can easily create compelling video demos in minutes.

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How to make mov conversions on win xp
2011-04-25 08:06 (link)
This is generally a circumstance for very a quantity of individuals who use QuickTime. Meanwhile, it is generally needed for us to convert MOV to films as MOV documents can hold out only over a quantity of players. Some MOV Converter helps make every thing as very simple as ABC.

Step 1. document importing

Start the mov converter, click “Add video” and import the documents you need to convert.

mov converter

Step 2. Output profile setting

Click the equipment and choose out the output format. This MOV converting unit permits that you convert mov video to very a quantity of well-liked formats, like MP4, 3GP, VOB, MKV, etc. It also can convert them to MOV.

Convert mov

Step 3. Edit videos

This MOV movement photo converter provides us effective movement photo editing functions. it may crop, clip, effect-adjust, include watermarks to and merge videos.

Step 4. start the mov video conversion

Click “Start” as well as the mov converter will complete the conversion instantly for you. You can uncover the converted documents by clicking “Find target”.


1. Drag and squirrel away is readily available for document importing with the mov video converter

2. Click Tools references, after which you can define the output list belonging in the direction of mov converter.

Tags: .mov converter, convert mov to video, convert video to mov

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How to convert vob to mov
2011-04-28 08:33 (link)
As we know, Quicktime facilitates MOV structure video, which may nicely be considered a standard multimedia structure frequently employed for saving films collectively with other film data files and is also compatible with the two Macintosh and house windows platforms. occasionally people these times would would rather keep track of VOB films by means of Quicktime. So how can we convert VOB to MOV in an extremely uncomplicated way?

To convert vob to mov, we phone call for just about any VOB to MOV Converter, which assists to attain the method in only three steps.
Step 1: include VOB files

To include VOB files, you can just drag film away from your document folders in the direction of the report within operating window, or click "Add video" icon (with a as well as sign), to select the document you desire to convert.

Step 2: founded output format

Click the icon of gear, which prospects to an "Advanced" window. choose the structure of "MOV".

Convert VOB to MOV

Tips: This vob to mov converter also allows to edit the film earlier to the conversion.

Select a film within document list, click "edit" menu, or click the "Edit video" button. then you definitely can optimize you VOB by cropping, altering film effect, etc.
Step 3: start conversion

Click "Start" to begin converting your film from vob to mov. shortly after that you simply can click "Find Target" to locate out in which the output MOV data files are saved.

Tips: truly this VOB to MOV Converter not merely assists to convert film from VOB to MOV, but on top of that convert film in between all types of other formats, even such as structure supported on iPad/iPod/iPhone, etc.

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2011-04-30 21:55 (link)
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