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Yoga Teacher Training (yogatraining) wrote,
@ 2011-07-07 13:47:00
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    Can Hot Yoga Relieve Tension?
    If you are only beginning hot yoga, you might wonder what benefits it can supply in terms of reducing stress amidst the clearer health benefits. How can a challenging class that gets your heart pumping and allows you to push past your normal comfort zones be in any way relaxing? As many can attest, hot yoga is actually a fantastic exercise for relaxation. Those who perform it often have reduced cholesterol levels, heart rates, and blood pressure, including better rest at night. Hot yoga enables your internal organs to detox during class, and leaves you with a feeling of well-being afterwards.

    Your lymphatic system is flushed and your detoxifying units, such as the liver, are gently massaged due to the poses utilized during hot yoga. Similar to pressure point therapy, there is a tightening and release of muscle tension that stimulates the body. Breathing is also a pivotal component of hot yoga. Breathing exercises allow you to reach a calmer state of mind. It is quite meditative to stay concentrated on the positioning of your body and your breath during a class, which can strengthen one's focus so that it can be transmitted to other disciplines as well.

    Hot yoga boosts blood circulation and your metabolism, so once you get outside of class you will continue to feel its healing effects. In addition to these physical elements, many participants feel that since they have been able to work through such a tough scenario during hot yoga, other stresses during the day seem far less impressive in comparison. It is true that completing a hot yoga class is definitely something to feel confident about, and this self belief allows people to feel more sure of themselves.

    There is a specific stress reduction technique that is targeted during yoga, whether practitioners are aware of it or not. It is called "progressive muscle relaxation", which is fairly similar to how one prepares to sleep. Though hot yoga is of course a more conscious activity, the practice of tensing certain muscles and then releasing that tension allows people to slip deeper into a stress-free state of being. This is also an important method because it sets people up so that they are able to tell when they may be feeling increased discomfort or tightness in any specific portion of their body, and can more easily work to soothe it.

    Mindfulness has always played an important part in all forms of yoga, especially when it was first created thousands of years ago. By paying attention to every part of their bodies while performing hot yoga, practitioners are able to be aware of themselves to a greater extent than usual. There is also a "walking" meditation that hot yoga promotes that allows for people to be aware of the physicality of what they are doing without being distracted by other things going on around them. Hot yoga is a wonderful way to loosen up and grow more centered in your life, and that can pass from you to others for a more peaceful attitude throughout the day.

    Only a few vocations provide the flexibility and satisfaction of being a yoga teacher. Yoga teacher trainings offer the support and guidance necessary to acquire your formal yoga instructor certification.

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