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dffds (zzzxxx444) wrote,
@ 2012-04-24 11:07:00
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    Yudong and his colleague

    man rain fell two women in a timely manner to help rescue: second life, if not the two of you I lift up, I certainly have not saved! kept saying thanks.

    after the hospital a week of treatment, Lu the tide Sen elderly hypertensive drop down and get rid of life-threatening. In front of two of the savior, he voices loud and clear, forehead, eyes and face many healed scars, and still people is not difficult to imagine the tragic story of fall then.

    October 2 at 5:00 pm, Chongqing rainy. Lu tide Sen elderly people from the the Jiulongpo District huangjuezhen Park near a teahouse out, Chengzhuoyusan, ready to go home. Had left tens of meters away, suddenly dizzy legs and pitched down the cement road, suddenly face covered in blood. At this point, He Ying, aged 37, and 27-year-old Zheng Fenli just passing through, they do not have the slightest hesitation, and quickly approached the elderly propped up, and the elderly mix to a wooden bench.

    He Ying and Zheng Fenli side to help the rub rationale for the elderly head of blood, while asking the elderly home address, phone, trying to the elderly home, but the elderly have been delirious. Seeing the old man's condition can not miss, He Yingli to call 110. A few minutes later, near the Traffic Patrol the Dai Haolian and Xieqin Huang Lin rushed to the police car sent to the hospital for the elderly, and two even the name did not stay turned away.

    father has been told we must be grateful to save his people! rescued to make himself very moved, indicating that more good people on! I heard the reporter to interview, they feel very surprised, that the relief fall of the elderly is a very normal thing. That the elderly are still in the hospital, they came to the hospital to visit the elderly.

    watching the rescued family so grateful, He Ying and Zheng Fenli hand, a bit embarrassed. I will help him up! , but fortunately the old man's condition was not delayed. If framed his rescuers, will get some benefits may be economic, but the spirit will lose the peace! the microblogging hotspots (edit: SN034)Tears full of leather Hing-tai on the thoughts of the son. Newspaper correspondent bear wave the photo

    a mother's heart in the end how powerful to support her through so many ups and downs of each new year. Yesterday, to seek a parent-child pictured above with 18 years ago who were trafficked to Fujian Nanan side, the Jiangxia

    skin Hing-tai, 46 years old, the Jiangxia Oolong Springs people. In 1989, the skin Hing-tai with the Jiangxia people Yim married. June 16, 1991, their birth to a son, named any of Jersey. March 6, 1994, skin Hing-tai got home from work and found her husband and son gone. Six months later, the husband alone back home in the police to assist in the investigation, Yim said the truth. His son to the price of 2800 yuan sold to a man named Ho Man qualitative Fujian man. Leather lady immediately rushed to the Ho Man rental in quality in the Han Dynasty, but what the text quality has been removed and disappeared.

    a father, how cruel to sell their son? Skin Hing-tai angry under Yim divorced. Judgment, she insisted was the son of the missing state sentence in own name, she vowed to get back his son. Later, the skin Hing-tai remarried, due to the judgment stated that she has one son, she was unable to sterility.

    to find the whereabouts of his son

    agreed to meet another day

    last December, the creator of the letter. Responding to the dedication of the skin, Ms., Old Wei quickly found out the whereabouts of the On the 20th of the month, accompanied by Old Wei, leather Ms. arrived Fujian Nanan, the help of local volunteers, skin Ms. Ho Man quality and has become the child's adoptive father had a telephone conversation. The quality of the Ho Man admitted in 1994 in Wuhan Jiangxia buy either a child, but what the text quality, his son to college in Kunming, January 18 to finished the back to Fujian Nanan, He asked the leather Ms. Do not disturb the learning of his son's, to see son to wait until January 18th again Nanan. Son in the hands of others, leather President can not force it had promised.

    as approximately south to recognize the pro

    progress is not smooth

    18, a line of skin Ms. arrived in Old Wei, accompanied by the Fujian Nanan. This time, accompanied by skin Ms. south outside the ex-husband, but also a special member, he is the son of the current husband of the skin Ms. Kankan. West the same year of Kankan and skin Ms. sell son was born in the same month, only Bi Xixi 12 days. Kankan's mother died when skin Ms. Kankan 4-year-old took over he brought the mother and son deep feelings. Kankan is now in sophomore, learned that his mother and also south to find the child, he offered to accompany the mother's peers, for the mother to protect the emperor.

    south of the train on the skin Ms. stayed up all night, she told reporters, her upcoming reunion of both apprehension and longing. She said that the Ho Man qualitative December last year, has called her She wanted good sons to know the scene 18 years ago, father, adoptive father trading his understanding that the mother 18 years struggling to find his hard experience. In the middle of the night of December 28 of last year, the skin Ms. pen breath to his son wrote a long letter to a full six pages. Letter sent out, the son did not reply. She gave his son sent a text message, son, or did not return. 18, a line of skin Ms. Danan An after contact with He text quality, but found that how the phone has been unable to dial. 8:00 pm, He finally answered the phone, he said son do not want to meet with the skin, Ms.. Under the skin Ms. Kukuxiangqiu, He said on the 19th to say.

    reunion difficult situation

    wave of another triple

    6:00 yesterday morning, skin woman got up, she said, is a sleepless night. think'll be able to see my son, her heart such as jianghai churn. Corner of the room, the share stood specially crafted leather for her son, Ms. La Yu, bacon, lotus root folder, pig ears and glutinous rice dumpling, etc. a lot of New Year. Fujian warm days, she worried that the the La Zhipin cover bad from time to time got up to go plucking it.

    eagerly awaiting the time always seemed so long. 9:31, leather Ms. yet to wait for the Ho Man qualitative telephone and had to give him dial in the past, over two times or three times ... Ho Man qualitative phone has no answer. 10 am, see how the text quality is always not answer the phone, Old Wei suggested that the to Nanan public security department for help. Came the Nanan Municipal Public Security Bureau, the skin Ms. parties to accept the case a month ago, the police reflect the situation after some inquiry,nike shox clearance, the police replied, Ho Man quality of an angry, said the leather Ms. should not write to his son texting, so that my son does not want to meet. In the skin Ms. sorts of pleas, the police agreed to help co-ordination in the afternoon.

    14:00, leather Ms. time waiting in Nanan City Public Security Bureau. 2:27, a couple of Ho Wen quality, and police investigators came to the police station. See interviewed by reporters, Ho Man qualitative couple explained that they were the adoption of this child is the formal procedures. Then they Wuchang county, Hubei Province, land Tang Xiang construction of villages, adults agreed that children of any Jersey to give Fujian Ho Wen quality, Comrade raising. The prove inscribed in time for March 5, 1994. The leather Ms. pointed out that the time of her divorce and Yim October 1994, this proved to be false. Quality of Ho Man then come up with a big red , and have no word in the contract signed.

    son of a change of heart

    mother and son finally meet

    3:00 am, the most disturbing scenes. Ho Man qualitative couple side stressed that the son do not want to meet with the skin Ms., while the son of a letter addressed to the skin, Ms. handed leather Ms. Wrote a brief letter: Petri, I am sorry I Diversion promise you see the side is not requirements ...... farewell. HE XX.


    skin trembling hands after reading a letter from the son, immediately feeling out of control to burst into tears:

    the presence of people have stepped forward to help comfort,coach outlet, and recommended how the text quality of the couple to go to persuade his son. 16:50, Ho Man quality and son-strike Tel, the son finally agreed to Ms. see the skin side of the media shall be accompanied by an interview.

    8:00 pm 50 minutes, leather lady with the child's parents back to the hotel, leather woman told reporters she and her children met together to eat dinner, dinner, the children give her Bong tea, and she gave the children a New Year Yasui red envelope. Both parties agree, the same as walking around like relatives in the future, while children remain in foster parents around, but the quality of Ho Man couple no longer interfere with his son and the biological parents between. They agreed to the marriage of a child will make a trip to the biological parents come to drink wedding. Before he left, the children with skin and Ms. father together a shadow. Skin woman said to her son, a child, when you figured out, go back to Wuhan to look at it, a very thought you ... the children nodded.

    newspaper correspondent Li eagle from the bottom of Fujian

    share: Welcome to the comment I want to comment

    microblogging Recommended | today microblogging hotInstructor Lee wood Tudor
    , who died yesterday, Wang Yudong of serious injuries in the hospital treatment, a colleague standing outside the expression dignified newspaper reporter Lijie She

    newspaper Shangluo (Reporter Li Jie) December 14 13 am, West (Ann) Hill (Shenyang) Highway Traffic Police Brigade chief Li Mu Duo with two colleagues in the duty of the highway was hit by a high-speed off-road vehicles coming, Li Mu duo who died on the spot, by the traffic police Wang Yudong seriously injured patient rescue.

    terrible moment a sport utility vehicle high-speed

    December 14 at 16 am coming to them, the Shangluo rhythm of the underground with sleet. Shangluo Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, has been erected in the compound in the northwest corner of the hall. The traffic police detachment vice captain Xieshun Tang said with bitterness: Li Mu-duo led by deputy head of Shu-Tian Li, police Wang Yudong is fu (State) Bank of China (Sichuan) high-speed the Shangluo segment Tianzhu Mountain near the service area, check the hedge lane of the highway maintenance works, found that high-speed road parking with a grade E FB8093 small buses, in order to reduce the danger, he with the organization police placed the conical barrel, set the warning level. When a high-speed oncoming Xiang F1AA09, Beijing Hyundai sport utility vehicle rushing to him directly, Li Mu duo knocked on the spot who died.

    At this time, this off-road vehicles continue to move forward, will be parked on the road, Hubei FB8093 car knocked over, the traffic police Wang Yudong under pressure in the car, causing serious injuries are now still in the rescue. Captain Li Feng of the accident, the traffic police detachment to the scene to deal with accidents, political commissar Wang Wenqi responsible to do the families of comfort, the deputy political commissar, Zheng Er Bao went to the hospital is responsible for the rescue injured Vice Captains Xie Shuntang is responsible for reporting to higher authorities and arrange for the erection of mourning.

    his very excellent car wash also did not forget about work

    talking about this sudden encounter, the traffic police detachment of police were very painful. Xieshun Tang said about him at 5 p.m. on the 12th, and wood Tudor Lee Shangzhou District Chengguan a car wash. ... did not think I heard the sad news in the afternoon of the 14th. The system works, is to dry up from the most basic level. Served as the the Shangzhou Public Security Bureau, director of the Chengguan police station, the Shangzhou traffic police deputy brigade commander, political commissar of Shangzhou Public Security Bureau, 110 Command Center instructor, was established in August 2008 the the Xishan brigade any instructor so far.

    his home in more than 70-year-old parents, wife, working in the financial system, daughter to college in Xi'an.

    not believe his comrades so suddenly gone

    bad news came, many of his comrades went to the hospital to visit, and active sympathy to the family of Lee Wood Tudor.

    Xishan high-speed traffic police brigade deputy captain Ding Xiaojun is one of the witnesses called to the scene after the accident, he said, very sad, appalling. According to him, when the highway fog is sleet, but not great. The driver, Lee Bong-book has been controlled, as to whether drinking driving, as well as specific reasons, needs further investigation.

    another seriously injured in police Wang Yudong to Shangluo Central Hospital for treatment. He is 27 years old, has worked in the traffic police team from the army after five or six years, practical work, a good man.

    reporter saw in Section II of the hospital bone, the aisles were filled with the families of Wang Yudong and his colleagues.

    According to Liu Junxiong, bone two subjects Zhuzhidafu Wang Yudong injury is very serious, once had a coma,nike air presto, multiple bone injuries, and now start waking up, no danger.

    reporter was informed that, immediately after the Shangluo party secretary Wei Zengjun received a report, given instructions to the traffic police detachment arrangements for dealing with related matters.


    □ reporter Liu super correspondent the the Yuling

    newspaper Luohe, yesterday morning, Miss Wang Xia Fu Junhua's commissioned by niece, came to the fifth high school in Luohe City, to the school before the guard Zhang sent side of writing a The original, Zhang has been quietly funding poor families Fu Junhua to help her realize their college dream.

    Fujun Hua Ji Shi countryman, Shaoling district, in her 3 years old, the mother passed away, her childhood by aunt upbringing. Died but three years ago, uncle, aunt Xia nearly sixty years, the family has become increasingly difficult, more difficult Fu Junhua schooling.

    in 2008, Fu Junhua accidentally met before Zhang. Before the 41-year-old Zhang is a the Luohe five high-security section, the door has been 16 years in school. $ 800. His daughter in junior high school, the family stays at the unit of two rooms, it is very difficult life. But when Zhang ago learned that Fu Junhua family, often economically support her, and she arranged a meal in their own homes.

    in the 2009 college entrance examination, Fu Junhua Zhongyuan Institute of Technology admitted,nike dunks high, but the high tuition and fees she was discouraged, she decided to work alone in Zhengzhou. Several asked around and finally found in Zhengzhou, Zhang former Fu Junhua, attempting to rally to her advised back to luohe review. Zhang for her to pay tuition for the enrollment procedures. Fu Junhua poor health, Zhang former breakfast for her two poached eggs, often to improve the food for her.

    effort pays off,nike shox torch ii, in the 2010 college entrance examination, Fu Junhua was finally Xinxiang Medical College admission, Zhang sent 2500 yuan for her tuition and fees. Fu Junhua after entering university, Zhang for her, sent 500 yuan living expenses.

    heavily subsidized before Zhang Fu Junhua finally realize their college dream. The elder brother of the order to thanked Zhang ago with the help, Xia on behalf of the family sent a banner to Zhang before, say Zhang is Mr Tsang will never forget the grace of his patron.

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