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dffds (zzzxxx444) wrote,
@ 2012-01-03 09:59:00
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    society, self-reliance instead of themselves
    Third theoretical system is gradually eliminated, problem major social crisis major crisis for the social contradictions of scientific practice. to be sought to address specific issues, mainly divided into the following ten research points: 1, theme-oriented ideological consciousness; 2, a high degree of depth perception; 3, spiritual intelligence enhancement technology; 4 knowledge of economic globalization; 5, multi-polarization of international politics; 6, diversified blend of Arts; 7, anti-evil anti-science and technology; 8, comprehensive management of terrorism and hegemony; 9, the future harmony of the world; 10, the universe of global civilization (Note: if there is no subject of ideological consciousness, a high degree of deepening awareness, spiritual intelligence enhancement technology, there is no universe of global civilization).
    Second, gradually eliminated, guiding principle is adherence to the truth of the universe than the edge of the truth of the universe of scientific development principles and the principles of a wide range of scientific culture and education, referred to as: science and the universe, ie universe civilization. The concept of civilization, the universe can be defined as a set of preliminary reflects the ideology and culture of all mankind, ideological beliefs, social relations and spatial organization of economic transactions from low to high, from small to big leap in the process of change that people can be such a change mm leap in the breadth, strength,Louis Vuitton Scarves, speed, time and measure the impact to be generated by cross-mm regional, cross-country, cross-continent, and even complex material flows across the planet and social activities, interstellar communication and power network implementation group. the meaning of this definition, there are the following six: First, the overall level of the universe, including the establishment of full-dimensional system of the universe and the universe field of civilization, law of the universe, humanity as a whole,Louis Vuitton Sunglasses, such as the concept of a public school increasing. Second, the level of cosmic body, space can be summarized as dimensional space-time barriers to break through times that (or the cross time and space) and the local interaction of the dialectical unity of different information. Third, the level of the universe types, is the man in the cross-border, cross the planet's material and spiritual civilization to reach a consensus, efforts to achieve human and practice, truth, social, and natural harmony. Fourth, the universe class level, that human society in the democratic rule of law, ethics, the state system of government, economic and technological development and other aspects of the universe of the joint and mutual cooperation. Fifth, the universe Division level, that truth of the universe than the edge of scientific development principles and truth of the universe to establish the principle of diversification of scientific culture and education and implementation. Sixth, the level of cosmology, is defined by state or non-state actors (such as political, economic, cultural and educational organizations) are engaged in OFU Star Trek, out of the solar system, the more the great practice of the Milky Way.
    Third, gradually eliminated, Six global crisis, innovation and loyalty practice step.
    2, and gradually eliminated, .
    Fourth and gradually eliminated, The scientific method,Louis Vuitton Watches, that is to pursue and persist in the new overall humanitarian, yin and yang symbol, multilateral co-internationalism, cosmopolitanism, universal harmony, referred to as: Six global crisis, principle The seven, and gradually eliminated, major crisis, practice of dialectical thinking innovation.
    , nine, and gradually eliminated, theoretical principles; third meaning of checks and balances to uphold the right to own responsibility of the theoretical principles; Fourth, we must insist on one and the many dialectical identity of the theoretical principles; five substances to adhere to complex theories and principles of the dialectical method. Sixth, we should adhere to universal scientific concept of development theoretical principles.
    its ten, gradually eliminated, On the practice should be more loyal to the edge of the scientific concept of development and diversification of the scientific concept of culture and education .3, the world's theists should practice tolerance glorify God and honor benefits to the people of the Road, atheists should keep Zhupai compatible practice melt the word of God, space science and education.
    XI gradually eliminated, Snow Guaxin .3 against the light, the main Zhangbing Gong things, to eliminate favoritism fraud .4, advocates balance, everything fit center .5, patient advocates self-denial, but must adhere to the principles of .6, advocated the sale of equity, curbing monopolies plate cut .7, stand upright motives, always accepting good advice .8, advocate self-reliant, crack down on illegal profit .9, advocates seek near and far, avoiding greed dust recluse .10, advocates simple weathering, eradicate corruption, sexual immorality.
    XII gradually eliminate addition to the Six global crisis, gradually the world a harmonious world? It is in the process of social practice truth of the universe continue to adapt its practice of road following twelve elements: First, explore the truth of the universe, which is a summary adaptation truth of the universe, to ensure correct guiding ideology of harmony; Second, strengthen the country chart rule change, which is a summary adaptation truth of the universe, the eternal power to promote world harmony; Third, the open policy, which is a summary adaptation truth of the universe, the basic conditions for building a harmonious world; Fourth, focus on cultivation enlightenment, which is Summary adapt truth of the universe, to build a harmonious world of ethics; Fifth advocating advanced science, which is a summary adaptation truth of the universe, the consensus of building a harmonious world of faith; Sixth, strengthen democracy and the rule of law, which is a summary adaptation truth of the universe, build a harmonious world of politics protection; seventh, all the times change, this is a summary adaptation truth of the universe, the key to building a harmonious world; eight harmonious balance of civilization, which is a summary adaptation truth of the universe, important in building a harmonious world of to; nine rich countries Limin save the world, this is a summary adaptation truth of the universe, the material basis for building a harmonious world; Ten is pioneering and innovative development, which is a summary adaptation truth of the universe, the spiritual foundation of building a harmonious world. eleven against false justice, truth of the universe which is a summary of fit building a harmonious world of moral demands. practice true justice, which is a summary adaptation truth of the universe, the fundamental plan of building a harmonious world.
    Fourth, the doctrine of the four practice justice system.
    largest practical system for the people-oriented , the joint practice of faith and unity of the true meaning of
    second largest practical system for critical abandoning the practice of seeking common ground goals and objectives
    third largest practical system for the righting evil, anti-war peacekeeping practice and policy direction of the first
    Four practical system for the faithful and true, save the world the practice of riding out the ways and means
    fifth goal of teaching the theory of justice is gradually eliminated, selfish, selfish greed,Louis Vuitton Handbag, extreme view arises, proud, Chen Hui, superstition, bigotry, ignorance, ignorance knowledge sleepy, such as bullying and fearing human Inferiority its purpose of teaching (or say: teaching program) is a comprehensive raise the ideological consciousness of humanity as a whole moral (referred to as: sleep), there is real wisdom (referred to as: positive), Joshin cognitive level (referred to as: the net) and the spiritual level of quality (referred to as: Ling).
    sixth, justice degree on the train system is the practice of truth, enlightenment gradually write down, noble person so-called practice of truth, enlightenment gradually write down, new, younger generation, advanced people, wise and perfect man of the eight degree system.
    seventh, fair on the entry way to the letter, solution, line, permit fair doctrine.
    eighth , fair on the basic approach, that academic and research books, classics, law, theory, self-cultivation ;, charity, Yili beings .2, grief immeasurable heart, to serve the people, willing to sacrifice, hard work .3, joy immeasurable heart, excluding the fame and fortune, oblige, musicians from .4, homes immeasurable heart, round three kinds of heart, but read all beings do not hate not love.
    ninth justice on further studies of the twelve content:
    (a), , that is natural, and harmonious; authentic, that is, geography, prison punishment; humanity, that human rights obligations; ghosts, that Jian Ning, evil; war said that war, the struggle; sacrifice Road, that birds, animals. ; is the practice of public ethics, philosophy of dialectical new global human sociology,Louis Vuitton Shoulder, political economy of knowledge, social ideal world, science, cosmology and future Kecha save the world learn the true faith (natural crises of the road, the two way to solve the development crisis, after three to solve the crisis of the road of peace. crisis of the study).
    (b), The so-called ten thousand happy, everyone is willing to progress.
    (c), worship science, education, worship of truth; two should strengthen the cultivation, spread justice; three should love your neighbor as yourself, to serve the people; four should be a clear mission and guide of life; five heart save the world should be made consciously felt his so-called refers to the interests, to safeguard national and international laws, maintain peace in the universe space.
    (d), marriage and men and women, freedom and equality, family and society, self-reliance instead of themselves, the state and development, independent innovation. and so on.
    (e) dogma. The so-called deep, deep theory, cultural deep, deep knowledge.
    (seven), , including: dedication, the term civilization, and while the masses instead of themselves with. righting evil war, words and co-promotion of peace, meaning, and establish the concept of security,Louis Vuitton Evening, interest and promote fair competition.
    (eight), refers to the motivated and self-denial and forbearance love, dedication, self-discipline of law-abiding, well-focused, realistic and innovative. the soul.
    (nine), Vientiane is the argument to understand the wisdom of the universe, referred to as: the true wisdom; third is fully aware of the wisdom of the universe and life, referred to as: the right way wisdom so-called ; complete consciousness, referred to as: the whole feel.
    (X), national well-being; to exercise justice doctrine, seek human happiness so-called ; two. , not stronger than the people of the supreme principle of all things without I mean all my rules, not my things, break the ego, equal harmony, no high without low, selfless. empty rule is no different realities limit the development of the world ism and the development of universal brotherhood without limits of idealism, that is, without limits of scientific development principles so-called the real road to save the world, the supreme consciousness craving fans off, the majority of the success of deep moral perfection, Haig Aires sacred wise. the second is support of the mantra, that is evil and Mo for the public good practice to develop the fundamental real intelligence, high moral consciousness scholarship, practice really as rational within the card, first character of the perfect male (female) person.
    (12), the Community system, a state theory, referred to as: full-dimensional universe is a real road. justice theory further studies sequential and further studies standards: further studies sequential is fine specificity of the door, knowledgeable, Dickens good repair, vows economic health, the letter solution Permit: really as nature. further studies standard scientific practice, social justice, equality and fraternity (to judge good and evil) of the three absolute standard. This Study Introduction (ter) See br>

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