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dffds (zzzxxx444) wrote,
@ 2011-12-10 15:48:00
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    General Assembly was held
    Sangpei with teachers and children during his lifetime (this picture shows the remake)
    study Luge Ya long trail

    top of the village this year at 11:20 on April 27 Xu, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Germany Imperial County, Township, Mao Yangla small Geya top end point of the top 54, a division of teaching Tibetan teachers Sangpei in to his 10 students on the last morning, when a language lesson, suddenly fell on the podium,Cheap Uggs For Sale, unfortunately the body course of duty. 54 years old, he has been in 34 years the most remote sheep Deqin County township primary school teaching Latin, of which 33 years has served as a teacher of a school teacher; nearing retirement, he, on the last class for the students, down at the podium ... ...

    last lesson Sangpei students dictation poetry

    Reporters at 10:30 on May 13 to Dade Qin Mao rural County Yangla top village Geya the top point of a division one school, school, accompanied Sangpei 10 teachers to complete the last class of students, told reporters affectionately recalled Sangpei teacher last days -

    4 月 27 morning, Sangpei teachers and as usual, greeted the students up early in the morning, prepare the new day's teaching activities. Apart from headaches and back pain may seem a little weariness, students do not see the door What strange Sangpei teacher. 7:30, all the students to the school the most to the right to enter the two-story classroom, a day of morning reading program. In the meantime, Sangpei teacher said head and back are a bit sore, so called a boy to his Chuichui back. Several students take turns with the teacher Chuibei about ten minutes later, the official start day of normal teaching. First three courses, Sangpei a teacher sitting in chairs on the right side of the blackboard, ill adhere to complete the planned courses, in addition to recess time, Sangpei teacher only occasionally stop and ask students to pick up in the face drink tea cup on the seat of water, from basic voice and demeanor do not see serious illness in the way.

    this was maintained until 11 o'clock class more than the fourth quarter, the end of the lesson the teacher called Sangpei 10 second-year student textbook dictation of have to bid farewell to the ancient original grass and Health coincidentally the same time put down the pen, standing up from his seat toward the down side of Sangpei teacher, the teacher will be propped up with force, and then slowly allow the teacher to lie down. Panic among the people to send Zhashizhuoma, times were two female students in central next to the school quickly went to the top of Geya village called adults,UGG Classic Cardy, continue around the other students around the teacher, waiting for the arrival of adults.

    less than 10 minutes, the nearest village from the school a family Velvet times in the first main character ran to the school classroom, then, in the village other adults are starting to arrive, but Sangpei teacher has stopped breathing ... ...

    touching scene for teachers of students secretly off

    Sangpei teacher suddenly died, most are afraid to believe in his students. Tibetans in accordance with local customs, women and children not directly witnessed and contact the dead. When people first arrived in the big funeral preparations for Sangpei teachers to students to leave, all students are reluctant to leave the classroom, the teacher left the Sangpei, only then to catch a big one is the H students from the school two-story arrived on the playground.

    in accordance with local customs, to conduct water burial after death. That Sangpei teacher about to water burial, the point is Sangpei teacher teaching 10 students enrolled the next day went secretly with a few kilometers from the village side of the Jinsha River, hoping to finally send the teacher a way, a few emotional students said that if Sangpei teacher was water burial, they have jumped into the river, the village after hearing adults, rushed to the river, forcing the pupils to persuade back.

    Sangpei teachers often help groom Antiphonal

    5 12, this reporter drove along the winding rugged mountain, from Yunnan, Sichuan, Ganzi was removed a few Rongxian Sands River Bridge, along the Jinsha River dry-hot valley ahead more than 230 km, and finally came Sangpei where the teacher has to teach - Township Geya Yangla top groups of villagers. The road has not been through the village in 35 people sporadically scattered in all the ridge, the villagers planted wheat under his head deep in heavy wheat, lamb standing not far from the mountains here Miejiao ... ... landscape water in the departure of a person's grief sadness.


    In fact, the 1975 graduate Sangpei Normal School teachers can stay in the state capital or county Deqin very decent people's lives over the city, he can choose their own ambitions, he made a so many people unimaginable choice - pull the sheep back to teach,Ugg boots online sale, many units would also like to recruit him, politely persuaded many of his classmates, but we all know this is useless, a good teacher has always been strong Sangpei thing is not to decide will change. In this way, with a youthful passion, with infinite love of education, foster local talent with the dream of pulling back to the sheep.

    According to an old friend of the teacher Sangpei grid antler times in the introduction, in fact, life Sangpei teacher is a renaissance man, he is a typical old elf, a good pull-hand harp, often with a dozen of his students on campus,UGG Patent Paisley, singing and dancing.

    Sangpei spare time teacher will be stopping by to a nearby village to village slaughtered swine and sheep will also ask him to go home to eat. Because of his natural good humor laugh, people in the village once the case of married woman to marry red wedding, have asked him to come pick up pro, help people to come to the village folk. If he once came forward to singing in antiphonal style, the groom will be at home in the shortest possible time to marry the bride. If married his bride during the antiphonal singing lost, then the family will become no face. Because the teacher has accumulated the Jinsha River valley Sangpei rich folk songs, so we are willing to ask him to help antiphonal singing.

    villagers often see, every day, bid farewell to the last student back to school Sangpei teacher will pull a harp, piano distraction with his heart alone.

    Sangpei teacher's two sons to take goods told reporters that his father was a kind gentle father, even if they are very naughty child, he never beats a child. But he too little time at home. After the winter break this year, his father left home again, back to school. No one would have thought that not even a part forever.

    to build the school to give up to Beijing tourism

    Sangpei teacher born in 1955, 7 Yangla Deqin County village of a town called Mau top up the water timber Tibetan village. Early love of learning, he was admitted to the Lijiang Normal School. August 1975, just turned 20 years old Sangpei graduated. As time has a rare hometown.

    Yangla Deqin County is located in rural northern border with Tibet Markam County, and Batang County, Sichuan Province, was Rongxian and across the Jinsha River. Sheep pull away from the Deqin county town 186 kilometers away from the Shangri-La County, 263 km. Local akin to finding dangerous,UGG Classic Short Black, extremely bad traffic conditions. Limited by the terrain,UGG Ultimate Cuff, dotted with many here have, So far, many a teacher teaching point is not accessible by road, walk up from the nearest road at least one or two hours of teaching aids and teachers and students who rely on daily horse back pack.

    filed Sangpei teachers, school principals Mao finished top times in the grid antler told reporters that the teacher has been named the state Sangpei outstanding teachers, as a reward, he is scheduled to go to Beijing travel. But at that time, Geya top teaching point is to build to build a new teaching room. In order to ensure the quality of construction cover, Sangpei teacher gave up the chance to go to Beijing.

    students Zhashizhuoma also told reporters that the mountain behind the school, the students home from school on the way there are two advantageous where a large pond is left, one is the right one at close to 90 degrees steep slope, Sangpei always worried that the students home from school teachers are not careful in these two distress, so whenever the school day, Sangpei teacher out of school every day, to see the students a slope , and watched the students through these two places. In Geya top of a division one school, teaching point of 15 years work, Sangpei teachers teaching a total of 42 students graduated, including 26 students during the school day has been and Sangpei lunch with the teacher, and his students do not pay for food from .

    present, Deqin County Board of Education has Sangpei teachers reported Diqing deeds department. Deqin county government within the county is preparing to Sangpei depth teacher learning activities.

    peers took Sangpei classes

    Sangpei teacher left the next day, Mao Deqin County Yangla Township Elementary School top village complete system, from the shortage of teachers in teachers transferred and Sangpei times in the same age as the teacher, the replacement Sangpei the vacancy left by the teacher to continue teaching points for the Geya the top 10 children to complete the unfinished Sangpei teachers teaching.

    It is understood that in the whole sheep pull of teachers in rural, older than 50-year-old teacher with only three people. Time teacher and teacher of the whole sheep Sangpei pull the oldest town of the few old teachers. Times where the teacher told the reporters, because of their age and experience of the reason, he was recognized early and Sangpei teachers, but few opportunities to work together. Time to meet Mao is generally the top end small village town center school organizations or teachers of the General Assembly was held, when the Teachers' Day activities. Sangpei and his teachers have similar next year, with the retirement application to the organization submitting the report, if approved by the organization to retire together. Times where the teacher absolutely did not expect, not two similar performance, but so stunned Sangpei teacher died ... ...

    (Reporters effect Xuan Su Zhong Shi Yi-term land Photography was correspondent reported)

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