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Nikki (zzsweetdreamzz) wrote,
@ 2004-02-22 22:27:00
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    Current mood: sore
    Current music:Smashmouth-why can't we be friends

    hello HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! wow what a fun fun day Kristin,Amy and Samantha came over to my house to work on our Drama project 1.because I wasant there friday and 2.because I didn't want to leave my mom home since she just got back from the hospital.I finally remembered my sign on name I forgot it so it would never let me type in here. I spent the night at the Hallins. I was weight lifting with Eric so I hurt really bad. I swear everone that I tell about that family thinks I like eric yea hes like one of the strongest guys I know whos muscles kinda bulge out but he is like my brother I swear! I like his friend and Eric tried hooking me up with him but that didn't work out to well see he likes me and all but hes really creeped that his mom would find out and trust me she is SCARY! ok it was new years eve and we were playing this game and it said what fashion disaster i would be and one was white shoes after labor day well I didn't think that really mattered well she totally snapped out on me for not caring about that. And she is like the secretary at christian Life whew its a good thing I didn't switch schools then.Well not much more has happened well actually alot has but I am to lazy to write about it so ttyl much love xoxox muah - bobo the blowfish (ahahaha Kristin)

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