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ZoZo (zozzy) wrote,
@ 2003-10-07 23:25:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful

    So anyway, you haven't heard from me for a while. And what have I been up to since then? Well, the truth is, fuck all really. I had a pretty lonely weekend as Ellen decided to go and see Pete, and Drew wasn't coming out in the evenings. I went to see my old pal David Blaine again- he seems alright up there, still. Anyway, it's nice to see him when I'm a bit down as he's a hell of a lot worse off. Imagine being stuck in a box alone with no food. Or fags. Or booze. I wouldn't last a day, not a fucking day.

    Work has been fairly alright to me really. I've found it easy enough to cope with, and though I might not be getting paid much, money is always welcome, in fact it would make me a very happy wench. Can't wait till the end of the month. Better still my parents are going away, I think, meaning I can shag Drew some more. My parents still don't know about him, and I don't think he minds, not that he really wants to meet my folks anyway. The idea of staying in my house when the parents are there freaks him out. So I'll take my sex when I can, thank you very much.

    I saw a good film tonight. OK, so I didn't really get it, but Once Upon A Time In Mexico is quite a funny and enjoyable film. And contained Mister Johnny Depp. And Salma Hayek. And *cough cough cough splutter*Enrique Iglesias*cough hawk splutter cough*. He has a nice face. On the left anyway. That mole- eurgh. I am a shallow, horrid, twisted, evil person. MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY. Jesus Christ on a bike, it was horrid.

    Well I think that's all I have in my head right now. I am fucking concerned about Ellen, as she is extremely upset tonight and as part of my new policy (settled in an argument the other day) I'm not supposed to harass her to find out what's wrong. I hope she tells me. I thought she'd died again earlier. I am far, far too fucking paranoid for my own good. But I have reason to be, as she seems volatile. I just hope it's all OK.

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