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Shellie (zombiie_x) wrote,
@ 2007-09-20 17:52:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:"Closer" ; NIN

    Thursday ; It's almost Friday!
    Today was kinda lame.. I slept really good, though. Got up, had a baked potato for breakfast.

    In English, we took a test over Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. It was pretty easy.. but, the book was more boring than rock. After I finished it, Mr. Apple told us that he is going to move the vocab. quiz until Monday or Tuesday. Yeah, he got +1345 points for that move.

    In economics, we took a quiz.. I got a 100. w00ty w00t. I thought I missed two, but she went over it after everyone turned it in and I got them right.

    Art was meh.. arty. We had to stay in there for an extra hour because the upstairs classes had to go to an assembly to meet with the counselors about college and boring shit. I went yesterday.. I drew a pretty purple and green spotted mushroom. ^_^ Yeah, it was basically godly.

    Nothing too exciting happened at lunch. We sat there and made fun of Kevin because he was studying and kept making weird faces. Seriously.. it was really entertaining.

    Study hall was.. study hall-like. We have this new girl in our class named Alecia.. dude, she is sooo weird. o_o Like.. I'm going to sound like a bitch, but she's really ugly. o_o Like, she has this short brown hair that's too short for her body type.. cause she has a really big ass. She also has these really nerdy glasses and braces. *shudder* Not only is she ugly, she's really fucking annoying. And she's weird. She carries a piece of paper around that has all the names of her "friends" on them. o_O She also never seems to shut up. I swear, she just talks and talks all period. I'm like, "Bitch, I have fucking test next period." So yeah.. she's.. aggravating.

    Pre-cal was boring, as usual. We took a quiz yesterday and I got a 90 on it. That'll help my 85 in there from getting the 75 on the test. x_x I also have a test tomorrow.. but, I think I'll be okay for it. :D

    In CMG/photography, we are making these posters for bands for "upcoming concerts". Well, my Spanish teacher from last year is friends with my CMG teacher and my Spanish teacher, Coach Sides is like.. my favorite teacher. We still talk when we see each other. Anyways, he e-mailed my CMG teacher and requested a poster.. made by me. xD Coach Sides is obsessed with Kiss, so I now have to make him a Kiss poster. I thought it was funny. Then, in the middle of class, he wrote a note that said, "I want to see Shellie's project," and had some kid in his class deliver it to my class. My CMG teacher read it, laughed, looked at me, and then looked at the kid that brought it and said, "Tell him that she's not done with it yet." Quite humorous.

    And, as usual, physics left me brain dead. xD It always does. I swear, after that class, I always feel like I just sat through a semester exam. It's exhausting. We had a quiz in that class as well, and the teacher took it up and looked over it after I finished, and said I did a pretty good job. That made me very happy. But, I have this worksheet to do that I have no idea how to do.. so, I'm going to go stare at that here in a bit.

    After school, I went to IHOP with Ana and had a burger and fries that I couldn't finish. Yeah, I'm still pretty full from eating it now. Then, we drove around for a bit until I wanted to go home. I'm so fucking tried.. I can't even spell write. Seriously.. thank god I'm partially paying attention to what I'm typing.. anyways. ♥

    You get my closer to god..

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