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Shellie (zombiie_x) wrote,
@ 2007-07-31 00:50:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:"Yummy Down on This" ; The Bloodhound Gang

    Monday.. well, it's really Tuesday now, huh?
    I haven't been avoiding updating, I swear. I've actually been busy... I KNOW! Lol.

    Friday, I hung out with Ana most of the evening. She wanted me to go to a Battle of the Bands sort of thing with her because she told one of her guy friends that she would see him. Well, before that, she needed to get cigarettes and since she's not old enough, we had to stop by her gay friend's house. When we got to Bubba's, Ana had to change clothes since she picked me up straight from work, and after she changed, her and Bubba got high while I watched Austin Powers in Gold Member. Yes, I was being a good little cookie. After she got stoned off her ass, we all went to the gas station and got her gas and her cigarettes while the entire time, she tried to put on her shoes. It was quite hilarious. Well, we dropped Bubba back off at his place before we went and saw her friend play for like.. 10 minutes. I swear, it was long enough for us to see some people we knew, hear a few songs of their's, and I got to pee! After that, we left and ate at Chipotle. It was awesome! Then, we decided to "hang out", which means "to drive around and smoke and talk" in Ana's world. Well, since I don't smoke, she smoked and we talked, lol. We did that for about an hour before her friend that we went to Battle of the Bands for called her and wanted us to meet him and his band at Taco Bell. So, we met him there and the band got food and we talked to them for about 15-20 minutes before we had to go home. It was a fun night.

    But, the next day, I had to get up at 11AM and drive my grandma an hour and a half away to a party for my dying second cousin. It was his 64th birthday that he wasn't suppose to live to see. :\ So, that was a wee bit depressing. But! I kinda bonded with a few of my distant cousins that don't really like me. o_O Well, I just sat there and laughed while they talked to my grandma's sister about... shit, I don't even remember. >_< I was REALLY bored. Well, when I get home from that, Dad tells me that Steph is going to a dinner party with my mom and she'll be here in a few minutes. I decided I wanted to go to that, which was cool by everyone. I'm freaking awesome and stuff. On the way there, we got stuck in traffic, the truck over-heated, AND my mom almost hit a jogger in front of her friend's house while her friend's family was outside. O_O It was the talk of the night. My mom got drunk, though, so I had to drive her big ass truck home. That wasn't cool. I hate driving her truck. x_x

    Yesterday, we didn't do a lot. I got two new bras, though. They're very cute. One of them is black with pink polka dots and the other one is white with pink polka dots. ^_^ I decided I wanted nicer underwear in case Chance actually is able to come to the concert on Sunday. I also go some new hipster panties. They're cute. Hmm.. what else.. Oh! We got new games for our XBox. We bought Beyond Good and Evil, Stubs the Zombie, and The Bard's Tale. Yeah, the guy at Game Stop kept trying to flatter me by saying that the games were on his top favorite list of games and such. And, I have to admit, they ARE pretty awesome. xD

    Today, I didn't do much of anything, lol. Layed around and watched Steph play XBox. Watched a little TV, but it was just re-runs of America's Next Top Model.

    I haven't talked to Chance since Friday night. I miss him. But, I might get to see him for the first time EVER this Sunday. So, I need to be patient for just a little bit longer. I can do it. Especially if I go to bed right now. xD Ciao! ♥

    Yummy down on this down..

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