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Sarah (zei) wrote,
@ 2003-09-10 15:23:00
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    Today was really awesome. 1st hour was boring, 2nd hour was...meh. 3rd hour, Nancy, Sid, and I are forming an alliance against Venessa. I know its wrong, but shes been shit talking all of us... she said I look like a zombie!!! Rarr. Anyways...

    So lunch rolls around. Me and Sid walked across the street and we got chinese food. I ate big time. Then we wandered and we walked across the corner people. Ok, for those of you who don't know, the corner people are the rocker/goth/punk/emo/all that good stuff people of McA. They moved from the hill to the corner of the school. Theres 3 distinguished groups within the corner society. One is like group that sits on the bench and says "DUUUUUUDE" and are really mellow and barely speak. The other are REALLY hyper and are always play fighting... like kittens. The third are some people that stand around and talk and play hacki sack (I wanna be friends with them, hehehehe. I have a few of them in my classes) so we're walking by and I see Biscut talking to the hacki sack people. I walked over to him and we talked and I watched them play but I didn't talk to them, I talked to Biscut and his friend Clue. We smoked a black by the portables and I was late for 4th hour, but she let it slide.

    4th hour, I talked to Kim a lot, and I broke her pen and it was funny she was all "I'm gonna kick your ass." but she was cute about it. We talked about the whole, me liking her thing, I told her that I don't and shes all "I wouldn't have cared if you did. You wouldn't be the first girl to get a thing for me." I laughed about that. I got on the bus and went home...and day.

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