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zBlinkBabyz (zblinkbabyz) wrote,
@ 2004-06-25 10:56:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:Meant to live-Switchfoot

    quiz..i think i just figured out how to bold my writing so this MIGHT work lol ps COMMENT BITCH!!!

    Bold everything that is true.

    01. I have issues with the subject of commitment
    02. I'm a girl
    03. I hate makeup
    04. I prefer music over books
    05. I used to play an instrument (still do)
    06. I have dark brown eyes
    07. I am on AIM entirely too much.
    08. I think everyone is a pyscho
    09. I wanna do something in the medical business
    10. I can't lick my elbow
    11. Stars are awesome
    12. I dont wear contacts
    13. I do not know my natural hair color
    14. I really have no life
    15. I am cool.
    16. I have changed a lot mentally over the last year
    17. I have changed alot physically over the past year
    18. I have a lot to learn

    19. I have a dog
    20. I bet I won't move very far away
    21. I've broken a bone
    22. I have secrets
    23. I hate snow
    24. I have cried during a movie

    25. Subway cookies rock
    26. I do not have glasses on right now
    27. I eat too much
    28. I just ate yogurt
    29. I am far more ordinary than you might think
    30. I like abc family
    31. I didn't even know there was a girl in my class name Patricia
    32. I don't always need what I think I need
    33. I have asthma
    34. Tom Delonge is one hot mother effer
    35. I'm currently watching 7th heaven
    36. I cried all the time when I was little (still do)
    37. I am alive
    38. Lollie pops are the shiz

    39. I haven't used a regular pencil for a long time
    40. I like comedy movies
    41. Koosh balls are awesome
    42. I don't have online buddies
    43. My hands are always warm
    44. I like Taking Back Sunday!!
    45. I'm not a panda

    46. I'm not very patriotic
    47. I'd like to fluently speak another language
    48. I spend too much time on the computer
    49. I have too much crap on my desk
    51. My friends are one of the most important people in my life
    52. I'd like to be more original
    53. I've lied
    54. I don't like Xanga's that disable right-clicking
    55. I'm a reasonable person
    56. I wonder what happens when you die

    57. I should hang up my one picture
    58. I could use a good hug
    59. I can not WAIT until I love the 80s on vh1
    60. I am wearing shorts
    61. I'm broke!
    62. I'm a little selfish at times
    63. I hate going to class
    64. Christmas is fun
    65. I'm 5'5"or so

    66. I sometimes tend to be very antisocial
    67. I don't have contacts
    68. I watch tv or listen to music before I go to sleep
    69. Blue is an awesome color
    70. So is green

    71. I hate pink
    72. I'm not so innocent
    73. I want to be somewhere else right now
    74. Cherry coke rocks!
    75. I don't like bugs

    76. I have a pink mouse pad
    77. I like guys who are funny
    78. I've been talking too much
    79. Mmm, Pringles
    80. My brother has his music too loud
    81. I am going food shopping with my mom today
    82. I can't wait for summer (although its hear)
    83. You make me so nervous
    84. I wish I could travel more
    85. I have never seen a harry potter movie
    86. I need to practice not being so shy
    87. My belly button itches
    88. I have a lot of scars because i am very accident prone and I tripped a lot as a kid
    89. Did you hear he fucked her?

    90. I'm generally happy.
    91. I like to find good music
    92. I miss being a kid

    93. I like cheese
    94. I have a best friend(s)
    95. I am very lazy
    96. I'm trying to think of facts right now.
    97. I hate thunder.
    98. I laugh at things people don't think are funny
    99. I need to go to more concerts

    100. I'm in denial at the moment

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