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zBlinkBabyz (zblinkbabyz) wrote,
@ 2004-06-27 09:30:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:hoobastank.

    yeah so i saw sal last night and everytime i see him i love him more and more<33... and i also saw richie, jenn, nicole, justin, katie, kristina, bryan, ari, rachel, isabel, it was fun... and im bored... lol. i am watching VH1 top 20 countdown... woot. and um.. lets see... i wont be putting anymore of my feelings up, b/c some people don't take these journal things seriously, and i dont want shit, and i kno that the fact that i wrote that in there will just come back later to bite me in the ass.. and that pisses me off, so yeah. im going through alota stuff, well, i guess i dont gotta share it with u guys tho... i mean wow, that sux. and OH MAN, nicole brought her video camera last night.... she was videotaping the whole time, and i got to touch it, I am happy now, she trusted me, and yay! she let me! makes me happy. um.. what else is there to talk about... i miss my sal already, and i hope that i wont have to go a long time without seeing him... i hope to see him tuesday.. damn.. long time! i dont wanna wait! but yeah. i dont have a choice. and i was listenin to linkin park yesterday, who i havent listened to in 12442 years lol.. i love it cuz theyre just awesome. yes. i wanna go to the warped tour... i think im going with sal for his b-day... the other day, we pushed katie and kristina in shopping carts into the wall, and it was so fun! katie got hurt.. i am sorry katie. but oh well... OH! speaking of my stepmother... shes having a boy... yep... i said boy. im happy for her, and hopefully, things will start changing now, b/c yeah... lol... anywho. i talked to cat yesterday... i miss her, so much... i love catherine! oh, and also... LAST NIGHT, me and sal went into the haunted house.. it was fun.. we got kinda freaky... lol... if u know wut i mean... but anyway, we had fun.. lol. man, im so sick. ive got a bad cough and i keep sneezing... eh, its sucks. man, the girl from that stupid outkast video is pretty... lol, i wish i looked lyk her. man, i cant wait to go to warped tour w/Sal! we are going to have fun lol! lol.. i love u all very much but it is time for me to get ready for work now.. bye!


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