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Zacchaeus (zacchaeus) wrote,
@ 2003-07-31 20:37:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Malice Mizer- Chikasui Myaku no Meiro

    Well, today has to say the least! I have had to babysit Matthew all day and that has been most annoying. Always annoying, always teasing...Matthew, feck off and get a life! Oh well, Spongebob was most entertaining! I would post a picture of his miserable face when he realised Santa Claus hadn't come, but damn, Blurty, for you cannot! And then Squidward dressed up as Father Christmas...that was good...However, I can't really imagine a squid being Saint Nick!

    John phoned up ealier on from work! ^.^ That was amusing! We yakked about the Pope and how cruel he is! I mean, apart from being Roman Catholic, what is the problem with gay and lesbian couples getting married? That is the highest form of discrimination next to racism if you ask me! They are happy and can be just as devoted to one another as Hetrosexual couples are, if not more so! So phhtttt Popey!

    It is now official! The advert on T.V. for Crusha is created by Joel Vietch on! What a genius! Managing to get himself on television and all! He is a comic genius, especially where dancing cats and Mr.Stabby are involved! Drown those puppies in the local swimming baths!

    My mum has agreed to let me go to Minami Con in Southampton! I am thrilled to pieces! I get to spend a weekend, in a far away place from home, surrounded by cosplayers and a wholesome weekend with my wifey! Yay! The problem is the cost...need to get a account is quite vast though... o.O I was shocked when I looked in it! I am going in cosplay...don't know who as though yet....must invest into making a nice costume...

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