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Yuki (za_peipa) wrote,
@ 2004-03-31 18:08:00
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    Current mood: bitchy

    Damn It All
    *sigh* guess what journal with absolutly no emotion! i've been having a VERY crappy week! let's see... i'll sum everything up for you: Sunday: i worked my ass off at least 2 hours on a spiderman picture i wanted to enter for this marvel super heroes contest on the oekaki. since i thought everything was going oh so well, i didn't bother to take a screenshot (stupid me) so i pushed send. and it asked are you finished. i pushed ok. then it takes me back to the contest board. and what do you know?! the slot that i hade didn't show a THING no peter parker, o spider man, not even a freaking dot. so i asked neko to goto the contest board and see if she could see anything. she said she saw a blank slot. so i basically spent 2 hours of staring at my compu screen and straining my eyes for NOTHING. i therefor decided to quit oekaki since my own oekaki board won't work for me. yet it works for neko. i formated my MSN name to "shoot me" and that ended up with wesker IMing me asking why. so i explained everything and asked if he'd like to do the honors. his reply: "sure, with my bare f-ing hands" that made me feel a little better. but i still felt like crap. MONDAY! well la di da. monday was slightly ok but it really pissed me off as well. let's see... in third period, i had to stay after class a lil bit to sort out the borrowing the prismacolors with ms. king. by this time i KNEW i was gonna be late for math since it's on the other side of the school and we have 4 minute passing periods. so i ran out of the art room. so i was running in the breeze way and after i passed the music rooms, my books fall out of my bags. this reeeally ticked me off. and at the time kenny and david were there laughing at me. they helped me tho. seamus was also passing by and helped a little. then when they left i was still gathering my things. then seamus came by again saying: oh you need some help? o_O; at this point i'm still struggling/hurrying but i just told him i was fine. i was late for math. at lunch, i got to witness june eat almost all of her 2 vegitarian pizzas. it was quite funny. guess that was the high point of the day. she almost looked like she was going to hurl everytime she had a few veggies. still during lunch, i was in the library with franklin and david for no apparent reason. once the bell rang, we started walking out of the library. we barely walked like 4 feet out of the entrance to the library and my books fall out of my bag...AGAIN. so i had even MORE stress and rushed to class. 6th period - french. we're told to get out our planers...and i look in my bag. as it turns out..i've LOST my planner. Tuesday: well.. the good news for yesterday was that i spent most of the time coloring in math. the bad news was that i remembered why i didn't like my one strap blue backpack cuz the zipper is broken as well. and finally, today... today i RUINED my art project by adding a stupid puddle. the puddle doesn't even LOOK like one. now i despise my project. and i despise myself.

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