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Yuki (za_peipa) wrote,
@ 2004-03-23 18:06:00
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    Third Trimester
    well, nothing much really happened today. the start of the third trimester and stuff. the only thing that changed on my schedule though was P.E. now i have exploratory art :) hmm.. in s.s. we did more research. except i'm reeally starting to hate our topic for powerpoint. in french we researched new orleans. course i didn't know i was suppossed to research over the weekend. apparently june and laura did eh heh. so they're basically done and i still needa do my part. buuut being the lazy arse i am i've been updating the site and such. played a lil gunbound today. oh! i had some pretty strange dreams over the weekend. first one was that almost everyone at school were zombies. and i had a freakin bloody axe as my weapon of choice o.< so, i just stood there staring at zombie wesker and alfred and i'm all: dude.... i don't think i'll be able to kill you guys... wesker: why not? me: you're too tall.... the only way i could kill the zombies was to split them in half straight down the middle. and i accidentaly killed mathew. then he came back to life. got mad at me. and then gave me a piggy back ride o_O; i said sorry to him this morning for killing him in my dream eh heh. he probably thinks i'm weird now. let's see... my other dream...hmm can't seem to remember it at the moment. oh well. we also had seat tests in orchestra today. i did soooo horrible >_< 9:42... i should goto bed. sure why not :) chao!

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