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Yuki (za_peipa) wrote,
@ 2004-03-17 19:04:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Oissu! - Hand Maid May

    Botha Botha
    ahoy! last night was the orchestra festival. my dad and i left 20 minutes before i was suppossed to be there and we were lost until 7:14. so i was basically 14 minutes late. what made things worse was that we had to walk on the other side of the campus cuz we parked in the wrong place. luckily i saw alfred and i was all: ALFRED! THANK GOD!!! XD and by that time all the orchestras were in the freaking gym. but everything went well. mr. adamo claims he got numerous calls and letters saying the kellogg orchestras were one of the main highlights of the performance. i personally think that einstein was a lot better than us. and after hearing the second violin tests for corelli... yea they're probably better than us. no offense to my fellow classmates though eh heh ^^;

    let's see.. today was a C day and we had this harassment assembly thing. i thought it was pretty good. much more enjoyable than past assemblies. course i won't really rant on about it because once the assembly was over, ms. ozog told us to grab a sheet of paper and write an article about the assembly.. o.<; apparently it's for the troubador and whatnot. i'm kind of hoping that my article won't show up in the troubador cuz well.. we had to write it in half an hour. and when i have to write a decent paper in half an hour at 10 in the writing is most likely to turn out like crap.

    in P.E. we had to turn in our locks. which REALLY has me confused now cuz i have no idea if we're suppossed to be in exploratory arts for 2 hours tomorrow or be in P.E. wearing regular clothing for 2 hours...... yearbook was cancelled today so i spent pretty much all of hangtime doing hw. chao!

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