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Yuki (za_peipa) wrote,
@ 2004-02-18 20:19:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Eyes on Me - Faye Wong

    Good Memories - Wesker's Oddness
    lol. i just remembered the time when i was obsessing over LOTR pairings in math and me and chowchow were trying to figure out why sam took the hobbit girl instead of frodo. so then wesker comes up and he's like: "sam got married to some woman cuz frodo chose gollum instead of sam." THAT sentence has stayed in my mind ever since. my reaction and chowchow's for that matter was like: "OMFG THAT'S SO TRUE!!!" then after orchestra i was talking to alfred about the whole pairing of gimli and legolas. i'm not even sure if he was paying attention to me. but then wesker catches up to us and heard what i was saying and he said: "hey do you know why sam got married to a hobbit woman?!" i cracked up slightly while wesker and i explained it to alfred. and alfred's like: O_O;;; wth?! i was laughing soooo hard.

    then there's the other time in math when we were making these poster things. i had a sevvie in my group and at the time he was holding a meter stick. so wesker comes up to him and was like: "i'm gonna take this meter stick" so then the sevvie turns to me and says: "quick! slap him!" so i walk up to wesker (he's damn taller than me in comparison) and he says: wait! if you slap me i'll kill you with my bare f***ing hands. which caused me to crack up madly. he ended up taking our meter stick anyway =P

    that same day in french wangwang and the person who stole my whale took my planner and started scribbling in it over the dates we had winter break and such. that's when wesker walked by and scribbled something down saying: you will die today. i turn to him and say: really? i'm gonna die today? him: yes. that is my prophecy. me: and you prophecy states that i'm going to die? him: ....yes XD

    strange world isn't it? =P

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