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Amy (z1a9y2cb17) wrote,
@ 2005-02-28 23:00:00
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    cool list of wut ppl should kno about ballet dancers
    We do eat, we just work hard enough we don't gain weight.
    Outside of dance we are actually very clumsy and accident prone.
    Outside of the studio we don't look like dancers either, we slouch, we scuff our feet and we are completely unbeautiful.
    When in stores, dancing is imminent. Turns, jumps and poses are sure to happen as soon as the isle is clear.
    Crack the back, we must crack the back.
    If we try to crack the back, but fail, it's rather depressing.
    When we hear music we've danced to we have to do a part of that dance, no matter who looks at us.
    If we've done something incredibly stupid and hurt ourselves, we must tell everyone how we hurt ourselves stupidly.
    If(and when) we fall on our ass, we have to make it look like we did it on purpose. Oh, and end it in the most beautiful pose you've even seen.
    If we come close to doing something, we'll keep trying untill we do it.
    We could hate a song, then do a dance to said song and if the dance rocks wind up loving the song.
    It's not unusual to buy a CD with a song we danced to, just for that one song.
    After doing four, five, six or whatever you consider to be an amazing amount of turns look around and pray someone saw you.
    No one saw.
    If that rare time someone does see you do six turns they become your new hero and best friend.
    We always count the turns. No matter whose doing them we count, three, two, seven, every head spot gets seen.
    When messing around we do the best turns.
    It's insainly argravaiting when we forget to count and we feel like we just did more then normal.
    The teacher never sees when you do something damn good.
    We find the rhythm in everything, music, hammering, turn signals, walking, everything and anything.
    Everything is counted in eighths.
    We stand in variations of first, third or forth, and on rare occasions second and fifth.
    Ballerinas have the best bodies.
    All ballet dancers must hate cheerleaders.
    Those movements we're doing with our hands, those are dancer steps, twilling a finger, turns, lifting our hands up and down, jumps, it's a complicated thing non dancers will never understand.
    Nothing sucks worse then working your butt off in a performance, you go out and bow, the audience gives you a pretty dang good response, then a young child comes out who did nothing and the house blows the roof off the place. At this point we wonder, I wonder how many rows I could kick that kid?
    When some one falls down(And doesn't get hurt) at class, its funny. When someone falls down in a show in a dance other then yours it sucks for them, but its funny. When someone falls down in a show and its your dance it's not funny.
    Watching ballet with non dancers sucks, our pointing everything out falls on deaf ears, "Wow! look at her feet!" "...Okay..." "What a great pointe!" "...Okay..."
    Watching ballet with non dancers sucks, they point out stupid stuff, but we're quick to shoot them down and prove our dancing prowess "Wow! They sure did a lot of turns!" "Not really, their right shoulder was up slightly and they only did four, I can do four!" "That sure was a nice jump!" "I've seen better, their foot wasn't turned out enough, the spits could have been higher, and their arms would have looked better in third then fourth."
    There's always someone better then us.
    Show off discretely, and act surprised when some one compliments you.
    Whine about how bad you are.
    Whine about how awful your body looks.
    Our legs are never long enough.
    Our jumps are never high enough.
    Our feet could have a better pointe.
    We could have better turn out.
    We could be more flexible.
    On video, we always suck.
    We want a clone, so we can sit in the audience and watch what a bad job we do.
    You've just done something astounding, hard, amazing, and the audience... Does nothing... And as you stand, kneel, or whatever, you think... Clap you rotten...
    When watching ourselves on video with non dancers we must point out our mistakes, even though they would never notice.
    If we have room we must turn.
    If on hard wood or linoleum, we must turn, even if we don't have room.
    When our knee slams into the drain board, chair, cutting board, table, ect. after turning in the kitchen(or where ever) we must try again, to prove it wasn't us(It was the floor).
    And above all else, hate those who are better then you are, especially if they're younger than you.
    There are times when we don't bend at the waist when picking something up, in those cases we do great arabesques.
    Blisters, raw skin, missing, warped and ingrown toe nails are all part of the game
    Our bare feet are not pretty
    Sewing pointe shoes takes too freaking long
    Nothing sucks worse then killing a new pair of pointe shoes
    There are so many different ways to break in pointe shoes they could never be counted
    It feels great to be able to do more turns then a guy

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