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Amy (z1a9y2cb17) wrote,
@ 2004-10-07 22:38:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:postal service

    langham creek...REPRESENT!!!
    all this week has been spirit week; monday...tacky day, (jersey) day, wed...era day, today was gender bender (guys dressed as grls and grls dressed as guys), and tomorrow will be spirit day...wear blue and yellow. i'm thinking about wearing courtney's letter jacket from i'll balance it out w/ a mum that's school colors, so i'll be nuetral. yea, i'm going to the homecoming to dance w/ andrew. i think he likes, but i like michael now. and i'll try to stay and like this guy instead of going back and! today, i wore michael's clothes head to toe other than my underwear, sports bra, and shoes. yes, i wore his! wut was weird was even though michael's kinda small, his pants fit fine w/ out his belt. surprisingly, i looked a lot like a guy...especially from the back bc i just let my hair dry down and i didn't wear ne makeup. it was kinda nice bc i had time to get ready in the morning. bc my hair how it was, everyone thought i looked like joseph k, so i made sure to get a pic of me w/! on the bus i told him, i was the hot version of him :) mr. remec was the worst out of all the guys yesterday. it was just plain awful; i should have gotten a pic of terrible; he looked a 40 some yr old! and not one of those well age ones ugly whore who tried to cover up the ugliness w/ excessive amounts of make-up. a lot grls wore make-up even though they were "guys." all i did was put a lil conclear under my eyes, and that's it.

    mrs. mudd finally got it and decided to put me front and center stage for the intersection dance instead of all the lil drill team dancers. we're doing hip-hop AGAIN, and mrs. mudd's choregraphing. she's not that bad, but everything she does is soo lil, and hip-hop's suppose to be big and stylized. we had someone come in to from ballet austin, and i knew the lady. she dances at dancer's workshop sometimes...she's really good, i can't remember name though bc it's kinda weird, but i remember her last name was brown. obviously, she got! it was cool bc i walked in and i was like hey wuts up. it felt cool that i knew the guest speaker...i felt like i had a bunch of connections...o yea!!!

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