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Amy (z1a9y2cb17) wrote,
@ 2004-09-18 14:37:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:broken social scene - almost crimes

    it's now 10th grade (i've been in 10th grade for about 5 weeks now)...whoa! i'm a sophmore!!! the main campus is sooo much better than the crappy old hopewell place. it's bee forever since i've written ne thing, and that's bc i've either been too busy or too tired/lazy...i'm always lazy. lol! this yr so far seems pretty good...i have a lot friends in my classes this yr and there's a lot more hot guys here...hehe. ap world history is really hard; there's so much work. i should be doing my reviews this weekend bc they're due when we take the test (well, it's opionational, but u get a curve if u turn it in) and i haven't done ne of them and plan to do them all this weekend. math isn't hard, but i was slacking off and had a 60, but i brought it up 71 in one week, so i plan to get my grade at least another 10pts higher. then, i've got team sports...the most boring class EVER. it's suppose to be TEAM sports, but we got the tennis coach for it, so we gotta play tennis and tennis related games. on top of that, we gotta wear these ugly yellow shirts bc ppl skip class and go into the p.e. classes. after that, i got chemistry, it's fun...the teacher, mr. coslet is really cool (yea, my math teacher, mr. remec is very unique, too), but the stuff in chemistry is getting kinda weird. i kinda get it, but i don't comphrend it bc i don't see the pt in it. all those classes r on a-day, and then, on b-day i've got health class first. that's a really ez's good that i got it first bc it gives me some time to fully wake up and do hw for other classes. then, i got spanish (that's usually the hw i'm doing in health), that class is fun bc it's pretty much our 8th grade class...melissa, taylor, me, caity, and nick r in it. after that is english and melissa, me, caity, and taylor all walk down to that class together bc we're all together, and there's a whole bunch of other ppl in my english class that i kno. mr. white (my english teacher) doesn't really like our class bc we're so loud bc we all kno each! last and still least, is dance 3. that class is sooo freakin' ez! lol! at the beginning, i really didn't kno ne one, but now i do and it's cool even though the student teacher we have rite now is teaching us how to's a first for everyone else. i was taught how to do them in 3rd grade or something like that. we don't even do axels ne more at my dance!

    i want to go soo bad to barcelona this coming summer ('05) in spain, but i can' issue...everything is a money issue now. my dad's been out of a job for over a yr now, and my mom started working as a recipitionist a doctor's office. the good thing about that is we get free medicine bc my mom just takes the samples at the office bc medicine for my dad's high blood pressure is really expensive. my dad's been trying really hard to get a job or so he says. he goes to interviews, but he's on the computer a lot and he says he's looking for jobs, but when i look at his computer monitor, he's looking at the stock market or some news site. my dad (and my mom joined along slightly unhappily) have decided to start some assisted living home on this piece of land my dad bought. this means major loans, and my mom coming from the family she's from, she's not used to borrowing so much money, so she's really stressed out. and on top of that, she's working and we're all still used to her being the stay at home, so she does the laundry, cooking, and cleaning. i feel really about that and want to help her out, but i either forget about helping out bc i'm busy w/ other stuff or if i do have the time and i remember abouut it, i'm just make up an excuse to do something else. my sister is even worse about, but u kno, she's away at college, so she doesn't have to really deal w/ ne of this stuff. so she comes home and she wonders y she can't borrow mom and dad's credit card to buy all these clothes online.

    today i was planning on going to this dance convention at my school, so but all they told us during dance class was wut time to meet up here and that's pretty much about it. so mom drives me up to the school this morning and no one's there other than a bunch of ffa ppl. my mom started getting made at me bc i hadn't asked for more info, but mrs. mudd had said i'll tell ya'll more about it on friday, but then, u kno friday came and class started and i forgot about it. when class was over, i was gonna ask her, but her along w/ the rest of the tiger dancers had left bc they had to go to the football game which was in kileen (i heard we lost by about 20pts...yea, we suck). so i never got the info and my mom was getting all mad at me, so after about 30min of sitting around, we drive home. one we get home, my mom wants me to call mrs. mudd's house to tell that i couldn't come. i said no bc there was no pt bc for one thing, she probably wasn't there and plus, i had never said for sure that i was could go...i only told her that i mite go, so there was no pt in calling her at home. and then, my mom tried to guilt me out by saying, "well, i guess i'm just the type of person..." and then she trailed off. i was just like wutever and went upstairs to sleep since it was 8 o'clock in the morning. i fell asleep and both of the kitties came and slept w/ me!!! :P (yea, we had to put ginger to sleep about a week or two ago bc she was so old *tear*) it was kinda annoying bc mariko was taking up the whole pillow! then, i woke up...talked to caity, ate lunch, and here i am. *gasp* lol!

    tonite me and my parents r going to some lil neighborhood thing where u can meet some ppl in our neighborhood since lake forest is still pretty new. in other words, free large masses of food! lol! my mom said i should wear my colors bc the ppl's house that we're going to, they're aggies, so i'm washing it rite now (and i probably need to wash myself before we go i just hope she doesn't plan on wearing her aggie shirt so we're one big happy maroon family...that's just retarded unless u're in aggieland or going to an A&M game. i don't really have much more to say now, so yea...

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