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Amy (z1a9y2cb17) wrote,
@ 2004-02-08 15:31:00
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    Current mood: pleased
    Current music:seal - my vision

    recent events
    free time! i'm really tired, so i'm not taking a nap during my free time, and that's pretty unusual. it was cool, this morning i walked into the sunday school room and the lady said...did u get a lot of sleep last nite? u look nice and well rested today. no one has ever said ne thing like that to me. if ne thing, everyone thinks i've had too lil sleep or i have a black eye. inside when she said that, i was probably jumping!

    i just got done talking to stina (that last convo), and i don't wut it is. when stina told me john asked maddie to the valentine's day dance, i was shocked. probably bc several including stina told me that john probably likes me. it's not that i'm jealous, it felt like he was mine...u kno if i ever did like him, he'd be there for me. i can think of two reasons y maddie said maybe: she still likes mike and she made a pack w/ jade. just last week, she told me about a dream she had about her making out w/ mike at her grandparents' house. the next day, she had a dream about him carrying her down the street and they were making out then, too. maddie says she doesn't like mike, but she still does. at least, she says she's not waiting ne more for him to ask her out. plus, her and jade made a pack that neither one of them were going to go to the valentine's day dance, and they'd only give v-day stuff to each other.

    OMG! my mom and dad just came come, and i got 20 FIVE PACKS OF SPEARMINT GUM!!! lol! :D :D :D :D

    ne! i kinda like mike, but he's very secretive about who he likes. i was talking to lauren about him, and she said that he probably likes me. then, i was bored yesterday and took some online quizzes two said we'd only be just friends, one said he's going ask me ne time, and another one said he's just a friend, but it could become more. and all those quizzes were from the same site...they suck! lol! it's not that i like him a lot, i really don''s just i haven't had a boyfriend in a long time. in fact, i'd probably be fine w/ a just short lil fling-ish type thing w/ him, but i'd never ne guy that i like that i'd want to just have a fling w/ them. lol!

    o yea! a while back, we got our class rankings, and i'm number 39! that's in the top 4.5 or so percent. caity's 34, phil's 31, maddie's 197, russ's somewhere in the 200's, mike's 10, persie's 11, melissa's 9, and stina's 18. kathrine ho, of course, is number one. it would be a tie if darlene still went here. u kno wut makes me mad, mike copies my math notes, i have to explain our hw rite after we do the lesson, and he gets the better grades in math. it's not rite! then, i try to help brittany, in my dance class (at school) w/ her algebra II hw, and she says i just confuse her more, so i really don't help her ne!

    i have decided and i won't change my mind. i'm not going to join the drill team. everyone sees them as sluts and cheerleader rejects. plus, i can do better than that. next yr, they said they'd probably put me in the red group. and, i thought it wouldn't showing me as doing ne thing, but i was talking to lea (and she's sent out a lot of applications to colleges) and says out of school things count, too on ur application. so when i apply for A&M, it won't just say my gpa, it will also probably say, danced 24-7, worked at forest creek animal clinic, helped animals at local pound, apart of something's afoot for several yr, etc. :P

    i haven't been typing in new entries lately, but i probably won't in the next couple of weeks bc of all the extra dance practices. my company show is at the end of this month. it'll be AWESOME!!! i would describe some of the dances, but that would ruin the surprise for caity. she'll probably read this before feb 28th. the shows going to be great...if she along w/ the rest of my friends don't go, they're going to be hurt on the prociding!

    i had a weird convo w/ my cousin, cody a couple of days ago. (ok, it was a few days, but i like saying a couple...whenever i say a couple, i mean a few most of the time.) he at first asked me if i had ever had a boyfriend. at first i almost said no bc his mom is my dad's sis, so if he told her, she mite tell me dad, and then, i'd get in trouble or a "talk" bc i'm not suppose to have a boyfriend yet. i said yes, and the questions continue. he asked how many, if i had ever kissed a guy, if i had more than one at a time, and the questions went on. then, he asked me if i was a virigin. of course, i said yes (bc i am). after that, he quickly signed off and signed on about three min later. it was really weird. when he got back on, i asked him y he signed off so quickly, he didn't respond. i think his mom or dad walked in the room or something. he was probably asking all that bc i'm a grl and i'm only a yr older than him. i wonder if he asked sam the same stuff...probably not, she lives like 15min from him, and they hang out a lot, so he would probably already kno. of wut i kno, there's a lot of grls that like cody where he lives, so there mite be a chance that he's thinking about how far he should go w/ some grl. i don't kno...he's a spoiled brat. lol! the only time i met him, he had every thing he wanted. that has nothing to do w/ wut i was talking about before, but wut the hell? lol! mite as well throw it out there.

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