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Amy (z1a9y2cb17) wrote,
@ 2003-12-09 22:53:00
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    Current mood: melancholy
    Current music:incubus - wish u were here

    for waking ^ EARLY two days in a week so far has been pretty good. see, for my world geography project, we agreed to come before school, but i forgot whether they said monday or tuesday, so just in case they wouldn't all come except for me, i went monday morning. i woke ^ at five o'clock, but for an hour i laid in bed. i got at school at 7:30 on monday bc my mom took me (i thought i had to be there at 7:45, but it was really eight the next day), and she had to go to work. these two and a half hours gave me time to do my math hw, get a pass from persie so i didn't have to do my spanish hw, and start on my english. my math took me awhile bc i was kinda tired and i really didn't get! then, this morning, i got at school at eight. (my dad took me.) i got there, and jc and colby were there, but not mrs. naugle or the rest of my group. i saw caity walk by, and i went and talked to her for awhile. when i came back joe and kari had shown ^, but no mrs. naugle or nate. it was 8:40 when mrs. naugle finally got there. we decided to finish our project during class, so all that before school stuff was pointless. for being a crappy beginning of the week, it hasn't been that bad.

    it was kinda funny...this morning maddie comes ^ to me...she says, "u don't ride my bus ne more?" i was like huh? phil told her that i didn't ride the bus ne more bc i didn't ride the bus two mornings in a row.! i told her the truth, and she was like good...i need someone to save me a seat bc by the time she gets on, she doesn't have a seat and since i'm on the first stop, i get a seat and save it for her. it was sooo funny one time nick mad the mistake of trying to take maddie's seat. she yelled so loud when she got on the bus. everyone was like calm down maddie! lol! then, just last week, fuzzy tried to seat there, and i was like u HAVE TO! so rite as maddie gets on, fuzzy moves, but just to annoy maddie, mike sits there. of course, she wouldn't yell at her precious mike.

    lets ppl like mike. that's not counting me bc i'm not sure whether i like him or not. phil made a good pt during art (phil doesn't kno that i mite like mike) that mike is just a flirter. it's true...he's all flirting w/ every grl then when he goes out w/ someone, he totally changes...he's all trying to impress her and yea...maddie, persie, liz all like mike, and from wut i've heard mike likes liz, but i don't kno if that's true or not.

    it was me and my sis talked on the phone. we just talked about wuts college is like, exempting exams, going for once in a life time events, and how teachers always try to scare u about next yr and how it's gonna be so hard...psh! it's always exactly the same; maybe u'll get a stricter teacher than the one u had the yr before, but that's about it. then, we were talking about that i should take the trip in june of 2005 to go to spain since that be the chance. we kinda joked about whether i could get the money or not.

    i wanna see the lord of the rings: return of the king the day it come out (bc i'm exempting my exams that day), but it will probably be so crowded even if i tried to get in in the morning. it'll probably be really crowded on thursday, but not quite as bad. finally, i'll get to see how it ends...w/ out reading the book. lol!

    u wanna kno that pissed me off so much in math yesterday? out of the blue, nick says u're so skinny bc u throw ^ after everything u eat or something to that degree. if i wasn't at school, i would have slapped him then and there. the thing is, i wonder if ne the knows me thinks i actually have eating disorder (which i don't...just do A LOT of if someone sericously thought i did, i'd slap and then, probably go cry especially if it was a close friend. caity and maddie sometimes joke about me having an eating disorder, but i can never tell if they truthfully think that or they're just joking. it really bothers me when ppl make those jokes; it hurts even more when ppl laugh at them.

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