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Lily (yuri_tengoku) wrote,
@ 2003-09-09 17:45:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:Backstreet Boys :D...What?

    Ugh. I was late for school again cause the bus was late like constanly -.- It's okay for the special ed kids to be late. But it's not okay for the normal kids.

    Our bus driver: 8B Oh we have time!

    Tomorrow morning (If I'm up to it),I am so taking the other bus -.-

    Oi, to make me more pissy, in U.S. History, these guys and girls were laughing at me (No I'm serious.) the second I walked in. I gave them a "STFU you fucking assoles I don't feel like messing with you." look. Apparently they didn't get the message.

    We have a project in that class and it's a group project (How I despise them. It's not that the fact it's with people. It's the fact that there are mostly assoles who I usually end up being paired up and they make me do most of the work because they assume I won't complain as they slack off). Well Mr Wheeler paired me up with this dude who also didn't want to a group project and these two fat bitches who didn't want to move away to work with us because they wanna gossip with their friends or whatever shitty excuse they could come up with. I think it's because they don't want to ruin their "image" and just don't like me or that dude. I was gonna say, since I was a bit irritable, "Oh, quit your whining and just do the damn project! If you don't like me or him, then get the hell out of this class!" Luckily the teacher was mostly around where I was...why? The girls were hitting on him, practially. I should've joined this one group in which this nice girl offered. I should've said yes -.- But~ from the look from Miss Missy, one of the prettiest girl in the class obviously didn't want me there :D So I just thought "Forget her." and just did meh work.

    The rest of the day was okay ^^ I met a Gravitation fan at school o_O; And it's one of Suzy's friends. She likes Ryuichi. AND SHE TOOK A PICTURE OF ME!! -hides-

    Oh yeah. Something REALLY made me po'ed but I kept meh cool 8B

    I was in the cafeteria, waiting for some fries, along with some other kids. But of course, the lunch lady decides to take her sweet fricking time! Well about 10 kids were waiting and Ms Rainer was all couting five kids (including me -- I gave her a glare) and literally told us to get out. I just stood there, like "¬_¬ Make me you tacky bitch." The other people obviously did the same thing XD; And she went off mumbling something like (I dunno for sure) "Stupid kids. Fine, don't come to me when they end up stealing food!!!"

    ...WTF!?!?! Waiting for fries is STEALING!?! Are we TAKING them when they are BEHIND the counter with ADULTS around and running out without anyone noticing? Oh that makes perfect sense. Or let's do it her way and then lock up most of the Americans, including those in the homeless shelters in LUNCH/DINNER LINES! They're "stealing" food too! I seriously think that lady should be fired. But this is my own opinion.

    So I've been feeling sick since this morning. Like I wanna throw up. My dad says ">8( It's from all the food you ate last night!!" I don't think so. I have been sneezing a lot before. And there's a bug going around in school. Hm. Put two and two together yes?

    But other than that bad shit, I'm finally home where I can relax...right? ^^;

    I need to draw some art trades and a present...OMFG I JUST REALIZED THAT Nekozumi-Sensei IS GOING TO DRAW DAMIEN AND MISORA!! -squeals like a fangirl- XD; I feel all honored and shit ^^;

    Ugh~` I want Misseh on. I miss her! I miss Monica!! (Although she prefers her other friends -- But that's okay!! ^^; I'm just saying!!) And I need to draw more shitty things and work up on a shitty chapter and shit! IM Lily-chan at either UkePile or Yuri Tengoku or MSN or Yahoo or ICQ. I don't wanna feel all lonely! -flops down and dies-

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