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Ashers (yummypoptart) wrote,
@ 2003-02-13 00:48:00
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    Current mood:blah

    Ossa lomma laka
    Last night I slept over at Tim's sisters house with him because he was watchin her dog while her and her boyfriend are on vacation.. It was fun.. and he took off today to spend the day with me. It was a neat time.. We watched movies.. and drank.. and stuff.. heh.. and Then like Ry called me around 10:30.. and was like so how was it?? LoL and I couldn't really say cuz Tim was right there.. And Ew Jeremy msged me.. and then my sister called ect.. everyone was like where are u and what are u doing!!? LoL I felt so like important! Ne ways.. we watch this 4 hour movie today.. called "The Storm of the Century" It was by by Stephen King. --Cool show but really stupid ending. He made me lunch today LoL We had hot dogs and french fries LoL I found it cute. Then I came home around 5ish.. and got chinese and stuff.. and then my friend Denny called me (a guy from work) and was tellin me his girlfriend drama.. and next thing I know Ry comes flyin down the stairs and stuff and comes in my room and goes to the tv and takes the video outta the vcr.. and then he reaches in his coat and I just then realize what he's doing. He found my Springer tape!! AND HE MADE ME WATCH IT!!! I was never gonna watch it because I know I looked horrible on it.. and if I ever saw it I'd prolly never eat again or somethin.. well I got up to leave.. and Ry jumped on my bed and like grabbed my arms and MADE me watch it! Omg.. I looked sooo horrible and it seems as if I have a lisp! I was like Oh... My.. Gawd! Dude, my sister looked really heavy too and she weights like 135lbs.. But yup... I watch it! It sucked! BLAH!! LoL And then Ry told me if he ever gets married He's want me in is wedding like as his best man.. but I'm not a dude.. so it'd be like best wo-man.. LoL And I told him fine, He has to be my brides maid. LoL he's like totally cool with it.. Welp I gotta get to bed, I just wanted to do a quick update nite nite!

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