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Ashers (yummypoptart) wrote,
@ 2003-02-06 18:39:00
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    Current mood:frustrated
    Current music:2 Swedish dudes singing the Nintendo Theme song on Ry's Cd.

    Dum dum dum... My car broke down today.. I just dropped Ry off at work and was drivin around and decided to take this one loop that brought me out right infront of this guy's house I use to have a crush on.. And My car broke down in the middlet of the loop so I pulled over and drifted along side of the curb and called my dad. He came to my rescue and checked it out and said it was the timing belt. *Cries!* Then.. He pulled my car with his truck! Lmao Right past that guys house and he was home. I was sooo embarrised.. I just hope he didn't see.. I was like about to cry! As my dad was pulling me I was afraid I was gonna run into the back of him when I tried to stop.. or his pull my front bumper off! (I have a 91 civic hatchback for anyone who didn't know) Man.. The start of my day wasn't that bad. I got up around 12.. Had 2 msg's on my phone from Jeremy wanting to do something tonight but I told him I already had plans.. then got on line talked to my friend Tim.. and he wanted to get together tonight.. and I said ok.. But now I dunno cuz my car.. and then I got a shower.. and was getting ready to run to work to get my horrible paycheck... and Ry called me and wanted to do something.. so he came along.. at work there's this girl there named Heather.. and he says I'm a kinky perv! She was going on and on to Ry about it! and He was agreeing with her! Like he'd know! LoL it was funny.. And she said that the tongue ring was a dead give away! Lmao she's too funny.. Then we left there and went to the garage to check his car.. and it wasn't done and then we went to my bank and cashed my check.. I hate being poor.. then we went to his house so he could change for work... and then we went to Hardeez for milkshakes.. and then I dropped him off at work. I think I know what's up with Ry.. He just can not bare to be alone.. He's hung out with me more this past week than we have in the past 5 months... That's what I make of it.. Welp, I gotta go try to see if I can drive my dad's truck or my step-dad's sunfire so I can go out with Tim. Adios!

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