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Ashers (yummypoptart) wrote,
@ 2003-01-20 00:12:00
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    Current mood:blah

    I'm surrounded by Brick walls
    Work sucks. I'm definately gonna start looking for a new job. My hours got cut to 10 hours a week! and I normally have 30 to 35 a week! Fuck that! I got bills I gotta pay and I have to give my dad $100 of every paycheck till I pay him back $800. I kinda wanna be a bar tender.. just try it and see what it's like.. who knows, I just know I'm gonna become something great! Eventually.. with I feel like it : P I decided that I'm gonna eventually move to Arizona.. start saving up and in 2 years just go! I love heat.. I love summer.. I'm ready for winter to be over. Oh!! I heard that most funniest thing ever like 2 days ago! This chick who was my bestfriend from kindergarten to the begining of 12th grade is pregnant! And here's the even funnier part.. to a 16 year old who now doesn't want anything to do with her and has one other kid! I mean it's so sad, she was soo smart, so nice, spoiled, but still, and now she's a druggie (reason our friendship ended) and a slut! And she's in love with the daddy of her baby's brother! Sounds like some messed up Jerry Springer shit to me : P But yeah.. and I told Ryan about it cuz the 3 of use hung out ALL the time and stuff.. and he wasn't suprised cuz he saw it comin too. That's so sad.. she had a lot goin for her and she just decided to fuck it all up.. I'm really bummed and stuff but I don't feel like writing about it. It's just basically about work, and home and my knee, and myself. BAAAH!! heh.. I just wanna get some sort of medical assistance and get my knee fixed before summer. THAT'S ALL I WANT! (That and a awesome job, but the knee thing is number one!) Welp, I'm hella tired. I'm not even gonna d olaundry tonight. Ohhh I'm such a bad ass! : P Nite all!

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