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Jackie (yummstarburst) wrote,
@ 2003-05-24 16:17:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:just turned the distillers off

    well last night, i hung out with my love dana, and dave. ive talked to him a lot online but weve never hung out before now so it was awesome. hes really cool. first we went to applebees, then to see the matrix reloaded...again. then i slept over danas. it was really fun cause we havent hung out in a while. i cut her hair last night too. and i did an okay job if i might say so. me and dan arent doin so well i dun think. :( i dunno. well yeah this morning danas friend todd came over and stuff, and we walked to rite aid, got hair dye, and i dyed it. it went from blonde, to a red. its soo cool. i love it. but her family is being fucking bitches saying how they dont like red heads and how it doesnt suit her. fuck them. it looks gorgeous. but anything looks gorgeous on my dana :) well now bridgettes coming to get me, im goin to my moms for a min, then im probly goin back to her house for a lil, then were goin to a show, i have to work at 8 tomorrow. ugh. goodbye

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