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YouveGotBlondez (youvegotblondez) wrote,
@ 2003-11-09 11:09:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:Avril Lavigne - "Complicated"

    Omg ive been hiccuping (mispelled that) for hours . ive tried everything .i heard this one guy hiccuped for like 14 yrs or more.i swear i think it was in the world genuis(mispelled that) took me and erica froever to create this journal lol cause its for 2 pple so we had a lil trouble with the info part.if ure wondering why is it called youvegotblondez since im not a blonde well it cuz ive been told i think like one lol.ive talked on the phone like the whole day.theres no batteries in any of the phones my family is pissed off lol. it started at 3 am i was talkin to hanean , at 2 pm i was talkin to christina,at 4 i was talkin to marie for like 2 hrs, then i talked to lauren w. until like 8 ,took a break and talked to nikita at like 10 .i know thats alot of talkin lol.when erica was writing her first entry it didnt work so she clicked the reload button like 5 time and we ended up wit 5 of the same entries inthe journal lmao.Cant wait for the nbt3 its gonna be awesome. i hope i get to hug or see andrew (the lead singer of soco)ahh gettin a lil too excited at my comp here lol.for those who didnt go last year i actually hugged him ahhh.highlite of my life lol(j/k).christmas is almost here and i havent gotten all the gifts yet.i ordered gifts from a catalog but they went out of biz or bankrupt ne wayz now i have to look for gifts all over again.i need a job soo broke after homecoming and christmas shopping im gonna have nuttin .i have a freakin 6 page research paper due thursday and i havent even started imm soo house smells like fish mom is cooking african food .My sis is soo retarded her new thing is "take a chill pill"ahhh it drives me nuts."cause im ure lady and u are my man" celine dion ahh i love that song.its stuck in my head.doesnt it feel good to like someone or have someone like u.ahhhh.btw dont ask me who or wat.i simply wont was taling to ashley dakake and she ws saying how she has cystic fibrosis nad that she has alot of flem and when i came home i had spit something ut f my mouth and i was like omg i have cystic fibrosis until i realized wth am i thinkin lol.that always happens to me when i hear about some new disease or virus and i start being paranoid and thinkin i have it.i read somewhere that its a disease itself when u think like that . lol.omg my friends bf called her in class just to tell her "i wanted to hear ure voic" awww isnt that soo sweet. he left her a rose on her windsheild with a love note aww im i g2g pee and brush my teeth.leave a comment .


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