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YouveGotBlondez (youvegotblondez) wrote,
@ 2003-12-09 04:34:00
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    Never go swimming in 50 something degree weather
    Wow i havent written in here in such a long time.well today i didnt go to school because i was soo freakin sick .dumbass me went swimming in 50 degree weather .why .i dont know but we were really bored and christina brought it up .well i was sick all weekend long and i had to work on was mt first day and it was awesome.(btw i am a receptionist). it was wut they called a soft opening becuase they didnt put out the advertisements out so no one knew we were open lol we had like 10 customers all day . so we just sat around eating all the candy (that were supposed to give to the children ) and talked.Let me just tell u stylist have messed up lives lol.example the asst. manager mickey is like 40 hes gay and has long blonde hair down to his shoulder drives a convertible and lives in a nudist resort in land o lakes. lol and thats not it everytime a guy would walk in he would check out theyre asses lol eww.and all day long he was singin "i like big butts and i dont know why..." lol i swear.ive given up on guys im not in the mood of liking them ne more.i want to be single for a long atleast until i find the rite one.ive decided that when i get my license im going to paint my car hot pink with white or black leather interoir wouldnt that be awesome.or i might paint it black and just get hot pink lether interior.lvwe a comment .

    buh bye



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