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Rob (yourworstregret) wrote,
@ 2004-10-17 23:02:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:Mad world - Gary Jules

    Life = WTF
    I haven't updated in a while. So...I think I might write a book on my life. I really think if something as boring as The Scarlet Letter can be a best seller, my life can make me a few million easy. So my cockatiel died last week, it was really sad. She has a prolapse or something, her egg didn't come out. I sat with her for 2 days straight trying for hours on end to save her. It sucked and I'm still sad over it. The chainmail is coming along nice. I made quite a few things so far, I'm taking pictures soon and posting them. So this whole week has been messed up, my dumbass cousin trashed my grandmother's house (which she lives in) with some friends while my grandma was away. I'm talking trashed, stains of every kind everywhere, including piss and shit on walls, booze all over curtains and walls, then a flooded bathroom, lightswitches hit off of walls, a broken huge tile table, a broken ceiling fan, puke stains, and much more. After the first night my mom and aunts spent hours cleaning it, then the next night my cousin and her MOM (who's a huge alcoholic) both trashed the place again with a few friends. My grandmother got home and is mad at my mom and not the dumbasses, why? Because life does not make sense. Oh, and my cousin hit a post or something drunk driving and was arrested, and totaled her 10,000 dollar jeep her mommy helped buy her. Then my other relative of some sort just came up from florida cuz her house died in the hurricane, and I thought "oh cool, I can meet a relative." But nope. She is also a drunk and is mad at my mom and everything. So I just sorta fall asleep to the sound of my mom crying every night, not to mention plenty of other things making me miserable right now. My life is seriously out of some great novel, I swear. It's also getting more and more pointless by the day. I'm rarely happy, I rarely sleep, I seldom have fun anymore. Who knows what the new day will bring? If you have something to cheer me up, insert here. ______

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