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recovering (yourroughdraft) wrote,
@ 2003-12-20 21:24:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:shawshank

    whatever that means
    the laptop and I are currently in disagreement. auctually it just isn't working. so here I am on my sister's computer but hell, at least I'm updating right? finals went well if you don't count geometry which was terrible. oh well. I got my turtle from emily, he is named stringbean and he is my pride and joy. lol. he likes to dig. last night emily and I went to the movies but I ended up seeing love don't cost a thing with katy and yocum. it was fun. afterwards we hung out in the outdoors. twas cold. blake and I got in yet another fight, but we're okay now, perfectly fine. today I went to the mall with emily and that was fine but I hate the mall around the christmas season. tonight I watched shawshank redemption, quite sad. tomorrow tim's daughters get in town and we're having christmas with them...real christmas is thursday, we open presents wednesday, emily leaves tuesday, I'm spending monday with I'm so glad we're on break. beth is comming to school with me next semester...well not with me but you know. I cannot wait, cannot wait at all. I love that girl. and our road shall be perfection. her and jordan and I are supposed to do something anti-social if infact he is granted a leave of absence from his home. anyway that's all I have to write down. I love you, at least today I do.

    this world is such a scary place

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