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Mr Corleone (yournewhero) wrote,
@ 2004-07-21 04:52:00
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    I'm Not Crazy I Swear
    Here's Mike's Story of the Night, based on a true story.

    I was thirsty as hell so I get up to go to the kitchen and get a drink like I usually do. On the way I pass the front door and something catches my eye. It's an unusually bright light around the door outline. So immediately I realize, "holy shit, the door is open." At 4AM what does an open front door signify? Bingo. So I immediately creep back to my room. I pick up my cool cobalt flashlight and of course my 3" hunting knife. You know, worst case scenario in mind and of course shorts because boxers just don't say "grr get the hell out of my house before I kill your ass." So I'm working my way back out when I notice "hey, Daniel (3 year old little brother) isn't in his bed..." So by now, optimism is far gone from the thought process. So I make my way into the living and hear something or someone moving and it gets quiet again. Knife drawn but concealed I get to the bathroom next to the living room and turn the light on to find the person in the living room ... my aunt who decided to sleep on the couch. Alright so that side of the house is deemed clear. So I lean into my parents room and because I obviously can't see in the dark I just walk over to my dad's side of the bed and non-violently try to wake him up to see if he knows where Daniel is. He wasn't waking up so I step back out of the room for a second. I start hearing something. It starts getting louder and louder until I figured out what it was. It was the optimistic voice in my head coming back saying "oh come on, there has to be some reasonable explanation as to what's going on." So I'm standing there letting my optimistic/pessimistic sides duke it out. "he's around here somewhere, there's nothing to worry about." ~ "Holy shit, maybe the burglar killed your dad too and that's why he wouldn't wake up." ~ "maybe he killed your stepmom and left everyone else alone ... I MEAN ... maybe you're just imagining things." So eventually I break it up and go "hey, I will make the fuckin decisions here." After all of that I step back into their room and I go back to trying to wake the log I call dad up. Obviously after time my vision in the dark started to focus a little better as everyone's does. Then I look up and realize that Daniel was laying there between them the whole time. Aint that some shit. Back to bed finally. The end.

    I'm sorry if you actually read that. It was pretty stupid I know. The events were all real with the exception of the split personalities. I thought that would spice it up a little bit. Anyways, once again, sorry for the pain and mental anguish I've caused you all.

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