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riOtxgirLx (youngxhop3l3ss) wrote,
@ 2003-07-13 18:10:00
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    Current mood:good
    Current music:Simple Plan-Addicted

    -*Great Weekend
    Hey!! sOrry i haven*t been hOme tO write at all this weekend. I was with Mal, Shawn & Kyle since Friday! =) (and i had a great time) Shawns dad is so cool. I wish my mOm wOuld gO Out with sOmeOne like him. =) ahahah thats a crazy idea...he has a g/f and she has a b/f....but maybe.....maybe i*ll bring that up to shawn...lOl..i dunnO if my mOms his type thO...and i*m nOt trying tO break up a happy relatiOnship either..Well....Me Mal Shawn & Kyle went up tO Shawn*s dads hOuse Saturday arOund 1-2ish....and we just chilled up there fOr a while....(his hOuse is SO nice...and its really pretty up there) Then after that his dad tOok us tO the was sO fun. i hOpe we dO it again sOmetime. I wanna like be a street racer when i grOw up..but whO*d gO fer that? nObOdy*d like it. I*d be a racecar driver tOo...lOl...just the fact Of driving Over like 90 Mph makes me smile =). Ahhh anyways...we saw sOme nasty ass hussys there(as usual...just can*t get rid of *em their everywhere) and we watched the Woman take the whOle race. she beat all the men =) nOw thats sOme girl pOwer right there...lOl Jesus christ shOot me i just sOunded like a spice girl =x blechhh.....umm yeah...sO i*m stayin hOme*s Okay thO cuz theres sOmethin On MTV that i wanna watch at 9. Its called Bashed...and it*s like all these peOple whO are friends (Or Just Other peOple assOciated) with CarsOn Daly, talking junk abOut him and picking on him repeatedly....hence the name BASHED. =x gOdda lOve carsOn.....taking junk frOm Eminem, Nelly Jennifer lOve hewitt Kid rOck Pamela AndersOn...and Other peOple.. welllll i guess i*m gOnna gO fer nOw....i*ll write mOre later er sumthin...

    <3 J-Kidd

    i lOve yOu M-Cuz!! ;-)

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