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ashley (youmeantoomuch) wrote,
@ 2003-02-10 21:15:00
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    i will update more later. but here is a survey because, i suck.

    [Spell your first name back wards] = yelhsa
    [The story behind your username] = i like it
    [Are you gay?] = no
    [Where do you live?] = lindenhurst
    [4 words that sum you up] = silly, cowboy, smalll, whiteeeee

    Describing and stuff..
    [Wallet] = pink cordory with hello kitty on it
    [Hairbrush] = black
    [Toothbrush] = pink
    [Jewelry worn daily]= 10 gauge earrings, big ass necklace from sa, 4-5 bracelets that i dont take off
    [Pillow cover] = i made them. ones purple with penguins and ones pink with duckies.
    [Blanket] = zebra
    [Facewash] = no.
    [Street] = walnutttt
    [Neighbours] = the theirlastnameisweirdandicantsayit's and the D'angelos.
    [Coffee cup] = i hate coffee
    [Sunglasses] = i had ones that were so cool but john friggen threw them and they're all weird now.
    [Underwear] = pink with polka dots.(rite now)
    [Shoes] = my vans.
    [Handbag] = the cool one i have from thrifting...what elseeee
    [Favorite top] = i have alot. prolly my movielife shirt. i dont even know why. its not even that cool.
    [Favorite pants] = levis. they own me.
    [CD in stereo right now] = yeah mine only fits 1 and it happens to be the get up kids.
    [Tattoos] = nah
    [Piercings] = ears?
    [What you are wearing now:] = blue paul frank shirt with an ataris shirt over it, and weird bower shorts from the early 90's
    [Hair] = brown. hott
    [Makeup/Beauty Products] = eyeliner. and lipgloss. ocassionally eyeshadow. nottttttthing to fancy;)
    [Do you like candles] = sure
    [Do you like hot wax] = sheeesh
    [Do you like incense] = yea
    [Do you like the taste of blood] = I. HATE. BLOOD.
    [Do you believe in love] = yeah
    [Do you believe in soul mates] = yep
    [Do you believe in love at first sight] = yeah
    [Do you believe in Heaven] = yeah
    [Do you believe in Hell] = yah
    [Do you believe in forgiveness] = word to ya motha. dave styleeee
    [Do you believe in God] = yeah
    [Do you believe in the Devil] = sure
    [What do you want done with your body when you die] = whatever
    [What's the best gift anyone has ever given you?] = hm.
    [What's your favourite insult?] = go die.
    [What are you gonna do when you're older?] = be cool.
    [How many songs do you have on your computer?] = 400ish
    [What band are you listening to now] = the punchline
    [Look out your window...tell me what you see] = the house next to mine, and snow.
    [If you could have any animal for a pet?] = horse. cats. dogs. i lovee animals:)
    [What is the latest you've ever stayed up?] = i've went from 10 in the morning all through that day, then night untill about 1 in the afternoon. i was tireddddd. silly lucia allens partays keepin me up all night;)<3

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