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ashley (youmeantoomuch) wrote,
@ 2003-02-09 11:14:00
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    Current mood: energetic
    Current music:eve-satisfaction

    vinny, what are you doing? IM TAKING IT IN THE ASS! WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE IM DOING?!
    so yeah. yesterday was alot of funnn. maureen came over at like 5:30. then mel called and i answered the phone by saying "DOMINOS!" yeah, and she fell for its. shes all 'im sorry, i must have the wrong number" and then i laughed at her. sooo me and maureen scared my sister, then proceeded to drive to mels. i hit my head really hard on the window:-\ thennnn we drove to ricks house. yeah, we dont know rick. so we go in and everyones in his basement. so yeah, then after a while hh played! they we really good. <3 vinny matt sean scott! they did so awesome. there were 2 fucking hugggggge holes in the wall. oh my godddd. i could fit in one of them, if i wanted ;). its all johnnns fault! he started everything. it was so funny. also seeing all these stupidiotface girls there were so scared. almost got hit in the face with scotts snare drum. haha, damien thought i got hit. he's like whoa, you alright?! hahaah. it was the best i think they've played yet. it was really good<3 then we helped them load up, got a nice sweaty hug from sean and john:-\ ew. haha but i love them so its ok. thennnnn we slid on the ice. sean fell on his BUTTTT hahaha. loser. thennnn matt and jack did this cool hig five thing. then jenn drove me and maureen back to my house. then i hadda babysit my little brother, so me maureen and bryan walked down to the diner. and ate. then went to 7-11, then came back and watched this thing on giants. it was great. i love you maureen! so then she left, and i slept. parents came home, i fell going up the stairs. it was funny, but no one saw it.

    ok enough of stuff no one cares about.

    tbs toniteeeeeeeeeeee

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