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girl in pink (yougotme) wrote,
@ 2003-08-29 18:06:00
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    Current mood:snotty
    Current music:Yeah yeah Yeahs - don't know the name of the song!

    Got your number!!
    Well that was a pretty darn good couple of weeks!!!
    Where do I begin? This won't be as detailed as I originally wanted because I didn't keep a written journal of events in the end. But still, I'll try and remember as much as I can!
    I won't really put all the details of the days in between the festivals, cos they'd pretty much be the same! I was with Steve, alone, in an empty house! Twas very fun, if you know what I mean!

    V festival, Saturday 16th August 2003
    Arrived at about midday, it was extremely warm and me, being stupid and not insistent enough, didn't put on any suncream. I burnt within half an hour! Still, we had a look around the shops for a little while before watching some of the bands. I bought a black canvas belt with white hearts on it and a pink aliceband with flowers on it.

    Reel Big Fish - funny! Lead singer was sick so he just danced. His bandmate sang instead!
    Athlete - Every song sounded the same. Not bad but a bit yawnsome.
    Killing Joke - Dire. Bad 80's rock that should have stayed there. Highlight was the two 2 year old kids of some die-hard fans that were moshing better than the adults! They loved it! And they were SO cute!
    Foo Fighters - Same as last year really. Great but nothing new.
    Coldplay - AWESOME. The band I went to V for. Was Awestruck! Totally fabulous!
    Saw Steve's mate Anish there, walking around in an orange boiler suit. Was totally random - we didn't know he had arranged to go! That was about it. Took us an hour to get out the carpark and another half hour to leave the festival site.

    Reading Festival, 21-25th August 2003

    People I camped with:- Steve, Chris, Dave, Nick, Vicki, Kelly, Rambo, Jodie, Anish, Craig, Mark and Little Dave

    THURSDAY: Spent the morning in the queue of cars trying to enter the site. Once we were there, we parked in Brown 1 carpark and then went to find the others that were camping with us. They had caught the train down. We originally wanted to camp in the Green area cos it was closest to the arena but it was full up so we headed back to the Brown area. We found a spot inbetween Brown I and Brown J, near the path. Luckily, me and Steve picked gap in the spot that was furthest away from the walkway. Would have been hell otherwise (people end up trampling all over your tent and it gets covered in dust and shit). It took HOURS to get the tents up, mainly due to the fact that the ground was really dry and rock hard. The tent pegs were bending back on themselves! Still, we managed to get ours sturdy enough for the weekend, surprisingly! The evening was spent BBQing and chatting with the others. It was a nice evening which wasn't complete without the original campsite chant "Bollocks!". Slept surprisingly well!

    FRIDAY: Headed for the arena for midday to catch the first of the bands. Inme were cool - have seen them before! Went to see Billy Talent after in the Carling tent - they were shite. Left after about 3 songs to see Saves the Day in the Radio 1 tent. Wanted to see them last year but didn't get to. Ian (Steve's mate that we met up with - he was camping with another mate, John) was literally wetting himself - he loved them! They weren't too bad! Then we went back to the main stage to see Less Than Jake. Quite amusing! After that, we went back to the campsite for a beer and a rest, before heading back to see The Darkness who were fantastic! A local band (near me, anyway) who've suddenly got really big! They are so good! They pulled the biggest crowd over the weekend, even beating the headliners! Well, except Metallica but they are like, one of the biggest bands in the world! After that, Placebo came on stage - a band I've wanted to see for so long! They were pretty good but I would have prefered to see them headline. Not because I think they're good enough but because they sound better at night and it's more atmospheric. Suits the music better I think. Anyways, Brian Molko got deliberately pushed over by one of his bandmates which was tres amusing! First time it's happened on stage apparently. Took a break for food and peeing before watching Linkin Park. They were surprisingly really good! Only let down was the "we fucking love you guys" after every song. It was like "shut the fuck up and play".
    Went back to the tents after that. Had a laugh with the others and slept. Jodie shagged some scottish bloke. It was to become, bizarrely, the joke of the weekend in our little group. Simple things please simple (and drunken) minds!

    SATURDAY: The morning was pretty much the same as previous mornings except slightly grubbier. The fact that it was so dry and dusty meant that all of us were covered in a thin film of dirt which was to get thicker as the weekend progressed. No amount of babywipes could shift it completely! At 12pm I went with Jodie to go and charge her phone at the 'recharge zone' - it took her an hour to get to the front of the queue and I missed Funeral for a Friend and King Prawn (name intrigued me) as a result. Was meant to meet Steve afterwards at the Burger Bar but he never showed up. He said he did but we didn't see him. Must have just missed him when we gave up and went back to the tents for food.
    At about 2.30 we headed back to the Radio 1 tent to watch Jet. They were pretty good. Afterwards was The Rapture whom I wasn't that impressed with but Steve enjoyed them.
    We went back to the Main Stage cos Jodie was meant to be watching The Libertines. But due to a timetable change they had already played and she'd missed them. It caused much amusement back at the tents with Little Dave, who thinks they are shit.
    We didn't head back to the arena until about 8 after that cos there wasn't much on. Me and Steve went to see Hundred Reasons who were really really good! Got a bit squished and I had a bit of a headache so instead of going to see Two many DJ's in the Smirnoff tent, I headed back to the tents to lie-down. Unfortunately, the others, who had stayed there all evening, had got rather wrecked. And loud. They ended up advertising Sex With Jodie to anyone that walked past! If they were scottish, it was even better! They even made a banner!! I have to admit it was rather funny but after a while I just wanted to sleep! Suprisingly I did sleep in the end!

    SUNDAY: The last day. Found out that Jodie shagged Chris overnight and Nick shagged some random girl whom he thought was called Helen but it turns out it wasn't! I spent the first part of the day on the shitters. I think I'd had a dodgy burger the night before. It wasn't bad as such, just more regular than usual. And the portaloos are really not somewhere you wanna spend much time in. Still, at midday, arena opening time, we went to the main stage. We watched Sugarcult (pretty cool!), Biffy Clyro (not so cool), All American Rejects (big disappointment) and The Used (really good!). Decided to go back to the tents after that cos I was tired. Steve stayed in the arena watching various bands so I didn't see much of him but still. Me and Jodie went back to the camp and got a little pissed! Then we headed back in time to watch Hot Hot Heat (crap), Grandaddy (crap), The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (pretty cool!) and The Music (fab!). Everyone else was watching Metallica. In hindsight I wished I'd seen them instead cos apparently the atmosphere was electric! Something we didn't quite get watching The Music. I'm just not a huge fan of Metallica's music but I suppose, you didn't really have to be at a festival like Reading. Still, I had fun all the same. We headed back to the camp after that - avoiding burning toilet rolls, tents and exploding gas cannisters. Seriously, it turns into a huge riot on the last night and apparently our Brown camp (our camp) was the worst. I still slept through the worst of it. Jodie slept with Dave - but ONLY slept! Think she wore herself out!
    In the morning we headed home. Took us from 9.30am till 12.30pm to get off the site!! it was crazy!! But still, once we were finally home, and after we'd sorted out the leaking tank in the attic (which had left a HUGE wet patch on the landing), showered and rested, we could finally chill out and reminisce on what a fabulous weekend it was! Here's to next year!

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