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girl in pink (yougotme) wrote,
@ 2003-08-13 09:40:00
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    Well I said I was gonna update either sunday or monday and, well... I forgot! Sorry! But it's not like there's been loads happening to write about.
    Ok lets see...
    Thursday, went to Steve's - in the evening we went to see Keratose at the Pink Toothbrush. They, as usual, were crap. I only go along cos I'm usually visiting Steve anyway and I'm not gonna sit at home like a pleb whilst he goes and has fun. Nah, I'll sit in the corner and get pissed! Always good! Chatted to Adam, Heidi and Marc - I think Heidi and Ad have some unfinished business to sort out. She wants to fuck him, he doesn't want to fuck her. But they snogged and he hasn't really told her that he wants nothing more. Oh well!
    Friday we went to Lakeside AND Bluewater. Shopping malls have really lost their novelty nowadays. Although I did buy a little badge that said "I love dick" on it. Thought it was amusing!! And Spirit had a sale on - HALF PRICE Indian Rose clothing!!! And I had no money :( Oh well! The new Paul Frank stuff looked fab though!
    Saturday Steve worked so I stayed in. We went to his grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary do in the evening. Was a bit boring but the "groovy grandpa" (as I nicknamed him) on the organ, as the evening's entertainment, kept me amused! Man, old people really know how to dance!! They don't stop!!! Tis funny!
    Sunday, Steve worked all day and it was far too hot to do anything except sit infront of the fan! Was apparently 101 degrees (officially recorded 10 minutes across the water from where I was staying) which is an all time record for Britain! Then I came home in the evening which wasn't fun cos the heat had affected the lines.
    Monday I worked, Tuesday, I went to Lowestoft to pick up Jo and get some t-shirts to customise (go me - all arty farty!). And today, nothing except updating this journal so far!! I'm going to Steve's tonight for 12 days!! Wahoo! We're going to V festival AND Reading so I am SO excited!!!! Will update next when I've been to both! Will have so much more to say then!
    Bye for now!

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