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WHiTNEY (you_said_4ever) wrote,
@ 2004-09-27 19:28:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music: lloyd banks - if you so gangsta

    heyy .. i've been alright but i just have a badd time of the month =\ it always sucks but ya cant help it, soo ima jus deal wit it. anyways, seans back from the shore todayyy. dunno if im happy or w/e about it? he called me and was askin if i still liked him & if i like anybody else...i think i said i didnt? lol i dont even know but he was bein ignorant and he told me to call him back but i said no and hes like whyy not? and i said cuz i dont feel like callin u back then he flipped n hung up on me haha lil faggot boi. i dont wanna deal wit that grade skool shit! ya either like me or ya dont, lemme kno. andddd i do actually like someone new! :] new interests are always exciting! hehe buttttt its seans friend lmao this kid irvan i just started talkin to. i was messin wit him at first sayin i like you n he was like how can u like me? u dunno me n u like sean. soo we started to talk and i really did start to like him....hes so smart and so much easier to talk to then sean is! its weird, and there like soo close! ahhh god i dunno wats gunna happen. soo heres how my day was ..........

    [1st period]
    english .. we hadda test today and im pretty sure i did good on it, i hope lol carl was gettin on nervez tho..cuz he was in my seat wen i came in and i was like "carl, ya caught me on a bad day..get up." so he got right up and was like "its that time of the month, isnt it?" he all knows lol but i was like yoo jus leave me alone. umm nuffin excitin really happened....

    [2nd period]
    geometry......boring like always. i actually did alllll of my work today! i was proud of myself and the teacher is jus so boring tho ughhh but atleast shes all calm and nice haha soo moving onnnnnn

    god lunch is wayyyy too early. everyones still asleep in the lunchrm and i sat wit mel & anthony as we all moaned from boredom lol we need more ppl in that lunchrm orrrrr a later lunch.

    [4-5 period]
    health = the most tiring, boringest class! i literally fall asleep everyday in this class...everyone has to shake me to wake me up! lol oh wellz, i get a good nap in haha the teacher talks about the same shit everyday...but we all get easy As and he dont care if i fall asleep soo actually, its a niice class hehe i hadda wake up shane tho lol and i told him to wake ME up if i fell asleep! lol and jaevon[?] told me im sexyyyy hah i felt special ;]

    [6-7 period]
    biology..we hadda test and it was harddd as shiiiiiit lol i probly failed but lets hope for the best. umm thats pretty much all we did....and yvonda and me were jus talkin bout the test and how we tried to study lol shes really kool but i thought she didnt like me at first haha my group is doin our presentation tomor to0 hmm im kinda excited?

    [8-9 period]
    spanish is always...funny & weird lol well with dave sittin next to ya...u laugh the whole period. hes a weirdoooo yooo hes always touchin me and makin jokes but omg, hes hilarious..and he makes the class haha never thought i would say that ummm soo that class is probly my fav. hehe

    [last period]
    we got notes, the teacher talked...and talked...and talked and i jus watched the clock til the bell rang lol
    soo thats pretty much outttt cuz sean jus called n left a mean voicemail haha fag hollaaaa

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