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Weed (yogirlweed) wrote,
@ 2003-09-19 22:54:00
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    Current mood: groggy
    Current music:Yall Don't Know Me At All--Bubba Sparxxx

    Now I will talk about this week. The days are pretty lame. I just come in here and chit chat with my suitemates and usually my RA but she was kind if MIA this week. I guess she was attending to real problems with the other residents. ha. We as a suite thought that we were breaking up with OUR boyfriend Todd. or Brittany's bf Todd. Apparently he gets on all of our nerves sometimes and he is always in here. It's crazy. I decided that we should take a vote and it was 3 to 1 that WE break up with Todd. That didn't happen though. We were close though. Very close.I had an anthropology test Thursday and ironically I had the worst headache of my life that day. My brain was hurting after I hit it on a very sharp edge of this stank computer desk. It was hard to stand up and even see straight. I wrote Stacy and note on her door and was like. If I pass out just take me to the hospital. seriously I was hurting. I took some sinus medicine and that didn't help. I think it was sinus plus a lil stress on the side. I had a math and anth. test that week plus the 9 I got on my math quiz out of 25. That is NO good, but he drops the two lowest quiz grades. Thank God. Haley had some friends over and I went over there and talked to her friend Belo and Jenny. They were cool. Jenny was cool as heck though. We got tight. She was talking about going to Target I invited myself as a joke and then we all went to the Super Target in Farrgut were Haley and Belo are from. They gave us a lil bootleg tour and then we came back. I think the fresh air and good lol giggling helped relieve my headache. I came back and studied and of course I jinxed myself and I was like. I am gonna wake up and be late for anthro tomorrow. Cassy slept in Ashley's room because she is a pus and can't sleep alone and Lauren was with her cuz Erica. I woke up singing the song on my alarm clock and then I looked at it and was's 8:16 on the clock thus meaning it's 8:06 thus meaning I have 4 minutes to get to my class for my test. Well ain't that a bitch. I woke up and brushed my teeth put on some sweats and went to my class. I got there about 11 minutes late. That's pretty good since the class is like 15 minutes away from my dorm. I think I did pretty good. I met this kick ass girl Amy in the laundry room one day. I think I may have wrote about her before but whatever. I came back and went to sleep and slept through my bath time until it was time to go to Chemistry. I am trying to remember when was the last time I had a bath...Wed. maybe? oh well..We had a lab and my lab partner Allison and I kind of argued but we'll be ok. Whatever. Oh yea here's my big event of the week. When I was younger we always learned to walk in front of the bus correct? well I got off the bus one day and was the only one who got off and I walked to the front and the bus started moving so I trot out of the way and then the bus. Then he toots his horn at me and yells SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! I look at him with this very indifferent face and continue my walk to class. Is it strange that my heart rate didn't go up and that I wasn't scared at all? I mean I wasn't the slight bit rattled by it. umm i'm weird. So yea one day this week Stacy comes and knocks on my door and brings these two girls Lindsay and Susan to my door and we all just chit chat and whatever and then Stacy leaves and has to go to sleep. I sit there and talk to them for EVER they are just laughing and giggling and stuff. It was fun. I told them to come and talk to me anytime. I think they came yesterday. I was telling them the bus story so that was funny to them apparently. I went to work out the other day. I did the olymptical and then I got on the treadmill. What was I thinking. Our rec center is soo cool. If u bring your own headphones u can listen to the TV as u work out on the lil running machines right in front of the TVs. It was cool. I was on the MTV stations mostly. So I got on the treadmill and did the weight loss program. blah. I was soooo tired. I saw how everything increased the incline included. Not fun. My thighs hurt I was tore up..

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