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<There Is No Happy Here> (yodaps) wrote,
@ 2003-09-24 22:37:00
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    Current mood: mellow
    Current music:bachelor is on....

    fatstrat65 (10:36:21 PM): harrison ford
    climxofthevirus3 (10:36:26 PM): hell yeah
    fatstrat65 (10:36:30 PM): i like the "aged meat"

    Today was good. School was pretty good. Math, super boring but photo was fun (accept for when I got TACKLED) and I didn't have my money yet so I couldn't do any work in the darkroom, and I have to take a whole roll tomorrow for the next project, I am so screwed. Argh, I'm already way behind in that class. Well anyway, then PE which wasn't TOO bad 'cause it wasn't that hot and then we got to go do volleyball stuff in the gym, no lame bocce ball. Then after school I walked to Sean's house with Sean, Isaac, and Corey, and Mike was there when we got there. We were there for a little bit and Corey almost died of like a bladder attack and then Corey walked home and we walked to Kathryn's water polo game which was cool, I have never seen one before. They one, swell. Then we went over to the tree and hung out there for a bit, and then walked home. When we got to my house they came in for a little while and then left and then I like found some food and cleaned the kitchen. Now I'm here talking to Sean about aged meat...Harrison Ford YUMM. Okay peace out mates.

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