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New Rock Revolution (yesterdayawaits) wrote,
@ 2003-05-28 14:50:00
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    Current mood: dirty
    Current music:Archers of '44

    Like a shot in the dark.
    The Rooney show was fun last night. I didn't really want to go, but I forced myself out there because I knew I was one of the only people working it. I met up with Heather, Jessy, and Abby. I got an after-show pass from Gerald but I didn't feel like staying to hang out with Rooney. Instead, I headed over to the Bronx to meet the girls, who went there with the opening band, AM Radio. Good times were had, as usual.

    Right now, I am listening to the Archers of '44 EP (Jerm's band). I'm going to save all questions, comments, and concerns until the end.

    RockstarDave: is that what killed the crush? my lickably perfect boobs? don't hate me because i'm beautiful lauren

    Wow. Yes Dave, that is exactly it. Haha, that was way too funny not to post.

    Oh, that reminds me...Dave is having a dance party of some sort on Saturday night after his show. So, if any of you have nothing to do on Saturday night and want to go boogie with me, let me know.

    Ah well, I've got to get over to CC and do a bunch of crap. Motion City Soundtrack with Onelinedrawing and The Weakerthans at the Blind Pig tonight. I'm heading out to Ann Arbor a little early to hang out with Meredith. I'm a little nervous, since I don't know what is going to happen. Last night was the first time I've talked to her in about a month. It was okay, but things seem to still be a little weird. I'm hoping that it will all fix itself eventually.

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