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New Rock Revolution (yesterdayawaits) wrote,
@ 2003-05-24 05:15:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Dashboard Mix

    "Do you like making out and long drives and brown eyes and guys that just don't quite fit in?"
    "Closed lips, another goodnight kiss, is robbed of all its passion."

    You know, I love Dashboard Confessional. Shut the fuck up, I know you're all laughing at me! You know, he's amazing. I love his voice, and he's an amazing songwriter. Not to mention, Chris Carrabba is just so damn cute...awww.

    I got a phone call at 9 this morning from Dre at Mongo. He was calling to see if I wanted a serving shift. I wanted to go see Ettison Clio open for The Early November, but I am so poor that I had to jump at the opportunity to have a serving shift on a Friday night.

    Work went okay. I got into it a little bit with evil Cruce. I found out the other day that he would take down my notes that say I can pick up shifts and he'd throw them away. So, the other day at work, I left a note saying, "Attention fellow co-worker who throws my notes away-This is for you" (and I drew an arrow that pointed to a middle finger that someone drew on the back board), and signed it, Love, Lauren. Haha. So tonight he started bitching at me, and I informed him that he could remove his head from his ass at any moment.

    I had a decent night. I made quite a bit of money...enough to get a few bills paid off. I hate this debt crap. It's totally killing me. I really hope that Pizza Papalis or Cheli's hires me soon. I need a lot more serving shifts.

    After work, I headed over to the bank to cash my paycheck. $44, in two weeks, whoo! I got my voicemail and noticed that Scott had called me back. He said he was in Ohio at his grandpa's house out in the country and he'd call me when he got back into Detroit.

    I called Jeremy on the way back, just to say hello. I ended up talking to him for about a half hour, and he goes, "Can I call you back later?" It was around 1am. I didn't care, since I'm always up late. He called be back around 2, and I didn't get off the phone with him until 3:30. I really love that boy. I'm giving him a wake-up call at 8 this morning because we're both afraid he's not going to wake up. Dork. EM! Holy shit, this is amazing. Okay, so Jerm was telling me the story about how he got robbed at Harmony House, and I was like "were you alone?" He goes, "No, I was with this kid named Pat Doyle." I flipped out. Pat Doyle IS CUTE LOADER BOY PAT! The one that you met at The Ataris! Haha. I was dying. How is it that all of the boys that I like all know each other somehow?

    Dave just IMed me to tell me "Lauren Roberts! Fuckin' A, I'm so drunk right now!" Dave, do you even know how much I love you for that? It's now 5 am, and I'm still talking to the belligerent drunk boy. If Danielle's shin-dig doesn't happen tomorrow night, I'm going to go see him play at Le Jive. This ought to be interesting. Well, goodnight kids.

    Oh, and Glenn, I'd be honored to be your American drunk dial. =]

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