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New Rock Revolution (yesterdayawaits) wrote,
@ 2003-05-18 04:50:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:Brand New-Am I Wrong

    Goodbye. Lay the blame on me.
    Another minute passes by. Another friend falls out of touch. Another pang of sickness flows through my body.

    I'm better off alone than with a friend like you.

    Yes, you heard me right. I lost one of my best friends today. Maybe it's for the best...or maybe I'm just living one gigantic cliche for believing that.

    In either case, you may read about it here if you feel so enlightened.

    Just like I get excited about talking about the bands I like, you get excited about talking about your brainiac physics stuff. Well, at least you know I'd never criticize you for it. Maybe it's not interesting for you to read about me going to a show and having a good time and meeting some really cool people, but *yawn*, I'm not a big fan of reading about physics lectures either. All that you ever talk about is physics...and why is that? It's because it's your life. Maybe now you'll understand where I'm coming from. I write what I know. What I feel. What I do. Music is what I do.

    You say that I am a "groupie". I'm sorry, but I couldn't read this statement properly, "these men are so amazingly intelligent on so many levels. their scientific accomplishments are AMAZING. i felt in awe." must have been the irony ringing in my ears. What exactly do they call physics groupies again? Lab rats?

    You know what though? I don't fucking care! I don't care that all you talk about is physics. I don't care that I have no idea what you are talking about half the time. I don't care that you and your brilliant friends come up with the cure for aids, or whatever you do in those labs. I know that you are more than a physics lecture, more than a math problem, more than someone I pass on the street and wave hello to. I look past all of that other stuff, because I know you...or at least I used to. You used to be someone I called my best friend, and because of that, one of the few things that I actually DID care about was you. Maybe it was too much to ask for to expect the same from you.

    I think that's really great of you to leave me some critical bullshit tongue-in-cheek e-mail about how I'm a self-righteous asshole, but you love me anyway. You know what the best part was? After I politely respond, you don't even have the decency to acknowledge that I exist.

    Thank you Meredith. Thank you so much for pretending to be my best friend for the past year. Thank you for letting me know that when I call you, you don't answer because it's not convenient for you to talk to me. Thank you for ignoring me for the past week. Thank you for deleting my e-mails and IMs. Thank you for skipping the voicemails I left you, begging to call me back so that we could talk about everything. Thank you for wasting my time.

    It was nice knowing you, but I'm too tired to run after you any longer. It was good knowing you. Maybe I'll read an article about you in some newspaper after you fly to the moon and back. Maybe you'll read one of my articles about the next "it" band coming out of New York City. Maybe...maybe not.

    Like they say, all good thing must come to an end sometime.

    Goodbye Meredith.


    After that, I'm not really in the mood to talk about what happened today. Yes, I had a good day. I slept in and then Em came over for a bit. She bought me a Breakfast Club t-shirt with her Hot Topic discount. Holy shit. I was SO excited. I think this has beat out The Police as my favorite t-shirt ever. I 'll be wearing it everyday. We went over to Borders before heading to Jeremy's to see his band, Archers of '44 play.

    For all of you DCHS representers out there, Scott Knuth is their drummer. I know, I was tripping for a second there. That kid is totally rad. Em had to leave early, but I stayed to hang out with the boys. We went to get some dinner at Wendy's and then sat around and watched Dumb and Dumber. What a quality film. It was great to hang out with Jeremy again, and he was way cute for walking me to my car. I think we may possibly be going to the hoedown tomorrow together.

    After that, I stopped by Family Video and rented Storytelling and Jimmy Neutron., that's an amazing film. It's so dark, but SO good. I would highly recommend this movie.

    I talked to Beck for over an hour while I wandered around Kroger. Rebecca Hermann, you are the best. Jesus, I love you Beck. Thank you so much for letting me vent on you. I needed to get some of that shit off of me.

    And yes Em, I definitely still have a mad crush on that boy Jerm. Tattoos, lip piercing, emo could you NOT love that? That boy owns almost as much as you do. =] Dude, you have no idea how much you saved me today. I really needed that. Thanks girl, I owe you one.

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